EVS Tapeless Workflow Gives NEP High-Quality HD for 2014 Festival Season


NEP, provider of the largest fleet of mobile units and global production studios, has selected a tapeless workflow from EVS, the leading provider of live video production systems, to support its global live music and entertainment festival production.

NEP provides mobile video production for some of the world’s largest entertainment events, including Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo music festivals in the United States, as well as large-scale events throughout Latin America. The new tapeless system, based on EVS’ XT media production server, supports multiple channels of high-definition content. The workflow is designed to support as many as 25 cameras set up at multiple stages, providing extremely high signal quality for webcasts and streaming to social media, as well as critical timeshifting and archiving capabilities.

According to NEP’s Peter Kimball, senior account manager, the media landscape for live music festivals is driving a move to much higher quality. “Large corporate sponsors are spending big dollars on webcasts and customers expect to be able to stream content to YouTube and other social media sites with very high quality,” said Kimball. “EVS-driven workflows are critical to enabling us to deliver this quality - cost effectively and reliably - to millions of viewers. Our systems run 15 hours a day, noon to midnight, recording and playing out. We can’t afford to take chances.”


In addition to six-channel XT servers, NEP utilizes XTAccess for media interchange between the production system and third-party tools. IPDirector provides comprehensive video production management tools.

The tapeless workflow has streamlined production and provided higher quality video output, as well as saved NEP substantial resources - from fewer trucks to less personnel needed for onsite production.


“We have a very close relationship with NEP, who has been at the forefront of educating customers about the many of benefits of tapeless workflow for live events,” said Frederic Garroy, SVP, the Americas for EVS. “Due in large part to NEP’s trust in our solutions, we’ve become the industry standard for tapeless live entertainment production.”

About EVS
EVS provides its customers with reliable and innovative technology to enable the production of live, enriched video programming, allowing them to work more efficiently and boost their revenue streams. Its industry-leading broadcast and media production systems are used by broadcasters, production companies, post-production facilities, film studios, content owners and archive libraries around the globe. It spans four key markets – Sports, Entertainment, News and Media.

Founded in 1994, its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionised live broadcasting. Its reliable and integrated tapeless solutions, based around its market-leading XT server range, are now widely used to deliver live productions worldwide. Today, it continues to develop practical innovations, such as its C-Cast second-screen delivery platform, to help customers maximise the value of their media content.

The company is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North and Latin America. Approximately 500 EVS professionals from 20 offices are selling its branded products in over 100 countries, and provide customer support globally.