EMF the home of The Voice

The contestants audition in front of the mentors who can hear, but can’t see, the contestant singing

EMF is providing the technical services for the new entertainment show on TF1: The Voice, la plus belle voix. From the OB truck XL1 to sets L1 and L2 at the Lendit studios, with the management of thirty or so personnel and 16 cameras (including 2 camera booms and 1 Steadicam - Mathieu Caudroy), Euro Media France is providing Shine France with the best of its know-how.

Directed by Tristan Carné (Danse avec les Stars, Téléthon etc.) and presented by Nikos Aliagas, this new format show relies on a totally different selection and judging process than the usual music talent shows.

The contestants audition in front of the mentors who can hear, but can’t see, the contestant singing. In this way the mentors must choose the singer purely based on their vocal talent and not on the physical appearance or charisma of the contestant.

For a contestant to progress in the competition they must be “buzzed” by one of the mentors: in the case of a contestant being “buzzed” by more than one mentor, they have the privilege of choosing which mentor they want. This is a chance to see the judges come to blows as the tables are turned and they react to being the ones that are chosen.

Scheduled over the course of 10 weeks The Voice will be made up of three parts:
- the auditions : during which the mentors choose ‘the voices’
- the ‘battles’ : two by two the contestants will be up against each other: the result of each battle will be the elimination of one contestant from the competition.
- the live shows: during which the viewing public will choose the overall winner out of the 4 remaining ‘voices’.


Directed in Belgium by our colleagues at Videohouse (both Flemish and Walloon versions) and in Holland in its guise as the programme “Kid” by the teams at United, this new televised singing competition, wanted for adaptation by TV stations the world over, will soon arrive on our screens courtesy of TF1.

The first few days of filming started amidst a prestigious set designed by Michèle Sarfati, adorned with numerous screens (IVS - Julien Colet), lights galore (Director of Photography: Frédéric Dorieux) and black tiered seating.

Around the central stage you can see a statue in the form of a giant hand in the shape of a V holding a microphone with the words “The Voice: la plus belle voix” inscribed upon it.

Other important props: four magnificent red arm chairs for the mentors Jenifer, Florent Pagny, Garou and Louis Bertignac to sit in. On a different note, this foursome will perform their own interpretation of one of biggest hits of 2012 Rolling In The Deep by Adele, on the first show.

We will have to wait a while to discover the faces of the new vocal talent on TF1…so, remember patience is a virtue… and ‘Action’!