Elation On-the-road Reliability for Brit Floyd “Discovery” World Tour


Currently touring North America with a rig of Elation Professional lighting that includes Platinum Beam 5R and Design Spot 1200C moving heads, Brit Floyd’s “Discovery” is a stunning three-hour musical journey that recreates the legendary band’s music and gives audiences a retrospective look at a classic lighting setup.

Billed as The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show, Brit Floyd has performed to over one million fans around the world since its first show in Liverpool in 2011. Lighting design is by Dave Hill, who has been designing Brit Floyd for years and incorporates the Platinum 5Rs into the trademark Pink Floyd arch and circle light show.


“The Platinum Beam 5R's do most of the big effects and are situated around the circle and on the trusses above,” Dave states of the narrow 2.5 degree ACL-type beam effect that can project 12 colors and houses rotating gobos, all in a small package. “I particularly like the speed of the 5R's in motion, and they make a wonderful contribution to the show. The Design Spot 1200's are on the floor and do wonderful gobo and beam effects through the band.”

Out on the road with the production is Lighting Director Stu Dingley, who started working for Brit Floyd in 2012 as an operator and works with the Elation gear on a daily basis. “The Elation equipment is really very good for the price and they are robust fixtures,” he comments. “The 46  Platinum Beam 5R’s in the rig are versatile fixtures that enable us to create large, aerial looks as well as bring the show back to basic rock and roll washes using the frost and color correction filters. They are also fast and very bright.”


Used as part of the floor package are 8 Elation Design Spot 1200C’s, a hybrid spot/wash fixture that Stu says has required maintenance only a handful of times in the last couple of years. “The optics are excellent,” he says, “often rivalling output from other fixtures with larger apertures and lamps. We noticed this especially on the shows where we had to hire in an alternative floor package.”


The Brit Floyd production has developed and grown in size since its inception and is now a highly precise show with timecoded lighting, media and lasers. Video designer for the show is Bryan Kolupski who accompanies the musical performance with original video and new animation inspired by the brilliant artwork designs of longtime Pink Floyd collaborator Storm Thorgerson.


The show is produced and promoted by UK-based CMP Live, who supplies the Elation lighting gear. US tour support in the form of lighting gear supply and personnel is from Performance Lighting of Chicago. “Elation are affordable, reliable and do a great job for us and Pink Floyd's music,” states CMP Live owner, Chas Cole. “The price, quality of the beam and reliability is great considering the very large number of shows we do a year.”

Brit Floyd wraps up the North American leg of “Discovery” on June 22nd with a European tour scheduled to kick off in early October.

Producer:                   Chas Cole
Lighting Designer:        Dave Hill
Lighting Director:                     Stuart Dingley
Video Designer:            Bryan Kolupski
Production Manager:        Roger Middlecoate
Tour Manager:            Joanne McCrory and David Norman
Musical Director:        Damian Darlington


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