Chromlech Elidy Tours with Pink’s The Truth About Love


Following the launch of its new Elidy LED matrix fixture at PLASA 2012, Brittany-based lighting manufacturers, Chromlech, can now report Elidy is touring the world on Pink’s spectacular The Truth About Love tour.

Promoting her seventh album, Pink collaborated with creative partner and show director Baz Halpin to create a visually stunning stage production full of her unique brand of high-energy theatrics and emotion-fueled performances.

Production and lighting designers, Halpin and Chris Nyfield of Silent House Productions chose to incorporate forty of Chromlech’s Elidy into their lighting design. These are rigged in a single bank across the front truss above the stage where they are used as both combination audience blinders and for dynamic effects.


Chromlech Elidy is a matrix of very high power LEDs, driven by state of the art electronics to provide the world's first LED wall capable of projecting light. Specific optics and high-output, warm white LEDs combine to generate extremely narrow beams that far exceed the intensity of LED screens.


Based around a single projector of 25 (5 x 5) LEDs, Elidy is modular in form and can be assembled to form up to 225 LEDs (1 sq/m) and arranged into shapes, screens, columns, and even angled forms.

Elidy has a very advanced, though intuitive and user-friendly pixel-mapping interface and astonishing dimming capabilities that ensure perfectly smooth dimming with no stepping or cut off. Data management and control are handled via DMX and Art-Net.


“We chose the Elidy because we liked the brightness of the beam along with the variety of options for chasing effects,” says Halpin, whose high profile concert tour designs include those of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, George Michael, Sade and Lady Antibellum. “It proved to be a great, fun product and easy to tour with. I would definitely use Elidy again and am looking at incorporating them into some of our upcoming tours.”

Chromlech’s Elidy fixtures were supplied by PRG for the duration of the 100-date worldwide tour. The Truth About Love started in North America in February 2013 and is currently crossing Europe before moving to Australia during June and August and returning to America for extra dates from October to December.