Billy Ocean Makes Waves with Robe in Sri Lanka


Lighting designers Mohamed Hussain and Mohamed Maznavi of MOS Sound & Light (MOS) based in Colombo Sri Lanka utilised 120 Robe moving lights – including 64 Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWashes – in their lighting rig for a recent show by Grammy Award winning singing superstar, Billy Ocean.

The concert was staged in the Exhibition and Convention Centre in Colombo, and attended by a sold out audience of around 6000.

The Mohameds and MOS were engaged for the show by promoters Gold FM  radio channel to produce a spectacular visual design befitting the profile and occasion of the event, and meeting the international standards demanded by the artist.

The Robe fixtures – of which MOS has a large stock – were at the heart of the design.

In addition to the 64 LEDWash 600s, there were 16 ROBIN 600E Spots, 24 ROBIN 600E Beams and 16 ColorSpot 575E ATs, and these were dotted around an overhead trussing system, with eight of the ROBIN 600 Beams on the floor for powerful low level back-lighting.


Ocean had a 10-piece backing band and vocalists, and so the Mohameds had no problems in covering the stage with all these Robe fixtures to hand. The light-show provided lots of drama, WOW factors and big moments as well as plenty of subtle and moody scenes for the ballads - right from the first to the last chord of Ocean’s dynamic set.


Even with the huge variety in the music and feel of the show, no look or scene was ever repeated!

MOS – Sri Lanka’s leading rental company - has been using Robe products for the last 10 years.

In the last 12 months it has invested heavily in the latest ROBE ROBIN technology, which in turn has opened many doors in terms of them winning major contracts to provide lighting for international artists and events.

“The creative options offered by using Robe and the incredible reliability of the products” has made all the difference say the two LDs, who often work in tandem on the country’s largest and best looking shows.


With Robe fixtures to hand, they are also able to fulfil any quality requirements stipulated on the artist’s riders. “The visiting production teams are always happy to know that they will have one of the best moving light brands available,” state Mohamed and Mohamed. This also helps the event companies in Sri Lanka to have the confidence to book artists knowing that they can be provided with top quality production equipment – not just for lighting but also for sound and video.

“It is essential that we keep up to date with the latest technology and this is why we continue to invest in Robe, which offers all the imaginative scope in a cost-efficient package,” enthuse the Mohameds.

They specifically like the LEDWash 600 for its smooth colour mixing, fast movement, and the true whites as well as the light weight and lower power consumption.


The power saving capabilities generally of the new Robe ROBIN range are also having major advantages in a county like Sri Lanka, where power can often be limited or challenging!

Billy Ocean is one of a string of recent large scale, high profile shows lit by MOS using their Robes – others have included Mohombi, Jay Sean, Araash and Iyaz – and they are looking forward to a busy year ahead.. And yet more work generated by having ‘Robe in the house’!