Bandit Lights Inc. Invests In Robe for Selena Gomez ‘Stars Dance’ Tour


Leading Nashville, Tennessee based lighting rental company and solutions provider Bandit Lites Inc. has invested in a substantial number of Robe’s newest moving lights as specified by Creative Director and Production Designer Seth Jackson and Lighting Designer Nathan W Scheuer for the current Selena Gomez ‘Stars Dance’ world tour, which kicked off this week in Canada.

The sale involves 16 x Pointes, 18 x LEDWash 600s, 12 x LEDWash 1200s and 36 x LEDBeam 100s – all from Robe’s ROBIN range of ‘smaller-lighter-brighter’ luminaires. These were delivered to Bandit by Robe Lighting Inc., coordinated by Eastern Region Business Development Manager, Kevin Loretto.

Jackson has worked with Selena Gomez since her first ‘We Own The Night’ tour in 2011. His very talented creative team for this tour includes Scheuer, Video & Media Designer Brent Sandrock and Lighting Director David "Fuji" Convertino who will be out on the road with the equipment.


It is the first time that Jackson and Scheuer are working with Robe products. They both visited the Robe factory in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic earlier in the year, which proved an eye-opening experience.


Says Jackson, “We saw the manufacturing process and the care and meticulous attention that goes into every fixture. We met with Robe’s engineers, designers, product development team, sales and support staff with CEO Josef Valchar always at our side. Everyone’s dedication to the company sent us away with a real appreciation for the uniqueness of what Robe is doing and the elegance and quality of what they are building”.

As a result, they decided to incorporate many of the Robe products into the tour design.

Harry von den Stemmen, Robe’s Sales Director and CEO of Robe Lighting Inc., comments, “We are delighted that Seth has chosen to work with some of Robe’s newest technology on Selena Gomez, which will be among the highest profile tours of the year. Likewise, it is a great endorsement of our brand for Bandit to make this commitment.”


It’s Bandit’s second purchase of Robe equipment, following that of several DigitalSpot 7000DTs to realise a design by Simon Tutchener for Mark Knopfler’s 2010 world tour. These worked flawlessly and Tutchener was very happy.


Jake Tickle, Bandit’s Director of Technical Service enthused, “The entire Robe line is very dynamic and loaded with unique features. The Pointe is a highly versatile, mid-range unit with the feature sets of both a beam fixture and a 700W profile.”

Pete Heffernan, Bandit’s President, stated, “The Robe products are very well built and capable of performing in extreme situations. Robe really seems to be at the forefront of innovation.”

Kevin Loretto follows up with, “The opportunity to work with Bandit Lites on this tour is excellent and their reputation in the industry is legendary. It’s great that they have chosen to add to their rental inventory with Robe and feel certain that this is the beginning of an ongoing mutually beneficial partnership.”


Bandit has worked with Seth Jackson for nearly 20 years on projects that have included a series of acclaimed international artists such as Barry Manilow, Toby Keith and Carrie Underwood.


Jackson concludes, “Lighting Director David "Fuji" Convertino as well as our Bandit staff, has been amazed at the reliability and effectiveness of the new products.  Robe's support and willingness to connect with not only us as designers but our vendors as well speaks volumes about the quality of the company and their products.”