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Artes - Delivering your Vision

The strength of Artes has always been concerts. For a decade Artes has produced over and above 100 Concerts

Artes is one of the leading Event Production companies in the Middle East. Artes has been established in Dubai for over a decade, with one of the largest inventories in this region and a well qualified team. Artes believe’s in delivering your vision...

Event Production

Artes believes in implementing a system to convert all inputs from a clients brief and transferring them into the desired outputs.One of Artes strengths is the Production/Technical team who have essential skills and have been trained to produce high quality AV Production whilst maintaining health and safety standards.

The strength of Artes has always been concerts. For a decade Artes has produced over and above 100 Concerts till date. During the early days Artes was the only event production company with wide line up of backline for concerts.Over the years Artes has developed skills and invested on up-gradation of equipment and in new advanced equipment to go par with the event production market in the Middle East.

Equipment Rental

Artes provides the most diverse choice of AV equipment that clients require to enhance their production. Artes endeavor to supply clients with all latest equipment available of international standards relating to sound, light, video, staging, trussing and decor.

From the laboratories of Meyer sound, Artes offer because of its continuous hard work, innovation & dedication towards its customers. Establishment within sound equipment, stapling Artes, as a leader amongst the competitors within the Middle Eastern region and the Emirates, and using only the finest speakers from big names such as Meyer and the range of M3D Line Array and Sub, Milo, HP 700, CQ 2, UPJ and UPJ 1P and many more.
The Artes portfolio continues and includes emPad, an acoustic design of hornless professional speakers. Some of the emPad range that Artes stocks include, are CC 35 multi application that can be arranged in horizontal or vertical, B 315 low application which are fully compatible with the CC 35’s and B 7 satellite speakers complementing the mid and high.
The Artes selection of speakers can be scaled to suit applications from small meetings and conventions, theatrical productions, nightclubs, distributed mall systems, sporting facilities, to touring rental systems, stadiums, arenas and auditoriums.


Mixing consoles
Artes are the owners of the Yamaha PM1D and PM5D, they are believed to be the only company, within the Middle East and Dubai to have this mixing console. The Yamaha PM1D PSU is within the LS9 series, following in the notable footsteps of the PM5D and the M7CL. With expansions from Yamaha's digital mixing desks, lines up the live sound with installations. In addition to a range of capabilities of equalization, gating and compression there's also the USB brain, recorder/player for recording and BGM playback all built in. Giving the client everything needed for small scale live sound or install applications.
Artes also boast an internationally acclaimed Midas set of consoles, for front of house, broadcast trucks or whatever the client requires. The flexibility of the analogue Midas consoles, are in leagues of their own, inclusive of new mic amplifiers, improvements of +30DB and retaining the constant HF bandwidth. The legendary parametric EQ is full, giving stability fixed firmly among the markets competition to keep up high performance. A powerful desk with 24 to 64 input channels.

A taste of the Artes mixture of DRIVE/CONTROL/OUTBOARD EFFECTS & PROCESSORS come from Meyer, Klark Teknik, Yamaha, Lexicon, Drawmer and emPad and so many more. This wide assortment makes defining each individual sound for every band, accessible within the extensive Artes portfolio, the strengths in the mix gives Artes a great advantage in serving Dubai and the Middle Eastern regions needs, from local bands to international tours.

Powered by Crown and emPad the Artes juice consists of a wide and eclectic range of amplification. Choose from the Crown series MA 5001 VZ, 3600 VZ, 2402, 12 01, 600 or the 2400. The emPad amplifiers are the DXA series and consist of 2400, suitable for a wide host of gigs or events.

At Artes AV is the cornerstone of the company, wedged in well between the other departments, the secret studios located at the bottom of camp Artes. When it comes to your conference or exhibition, let the AV team make your presentations come alive, with display devices ranging from 20 inch LCD monitors on a desktop in an exhibition hall, to an edge-blended screen over 20 meters in a concert arena. Adding a visual angle to all events the AV department’s work immortalizes the cliché: a picture is worth a hundred words or lights. The Artes AV crew is multi-national with a wide band of experience that can cover anything your company wishes to present or exhibit. When it is time for AV to go live, the large concert events bring your vision into the mix. Anything is possible, infinitely expandable seamless plasmas with different orientation or varied size plasmas/LCD screens surrounding your area. AV at Artes is all about delivering your vision, and tailoring your request with professional event production.

Wide screen
The Spyder wide screen edge blended system, capable of creating images of more than 22 mts wide on a single screen.

Display Equipment
Projectors: Christie, Sanyo, Hitachi - DLP and LCD projectors from 1000 Ansi Lumen to 10,000 Ansi Lumen brightness for catering from small indoor meetings to outdoor concerts.Plasma and LCD screens: Sizes varying from 20 inch (diagonal) to 60 inch, with floor stands or wall mounts to suit any requirements.

Switchers and Scalars
Multi – format, multi input switches from Extron and Analog Way capable of scaling the signal to deliver a flicker free image, of any format.

Cameras and Vision Mixers
HD capable DV cameras from Sony, Vision mixers from Sony and Panasonic, will cover any live event.



It is the paramount objective of Artes to not only deliver high quality communication, but to also work closely with clients and partners, to help them through each stage of their events lifecycle. Using wired and wireless comms Artes top-of-the-line Telex RTS comms prove to be dependable and hardy, making Artes the best host of communication equipment on offer within the region and surrounding Emirates.

For the walkie talkies Motorola are the systems in place, with Artes securing their own channels and playing host to, a fully licensed and portable communication service, and connecting clients to ensure unstoppable contact is made and gives the client, exactly what is needed. Artes also ensure full technical support during the event, to tailor made packages for the individual or specific needs of larger demands, outside the industry or within.