Anitta Adds Robe Power To Latest DVD Shoot

Brazilian singer, composer and dancer Anitta started her artistic career in 2010 and was rocketed to stardom in 2013 with her funky hit “Show das Poderosas” (Show of Powerful Girls).

She recently filmed her first DVD at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro where São Paulo-based Apple Produções and Spectrum Iluminação combined resources to provide state-of-the-art equipment for Carlos Nogueira’s lighting design.

The design included a variety of Robe moving lights - 76 x Pointes, 36 x MMX WashBeams, 34 x LEDBeam 100s, 24 x LEDWash 1200s and 40 x LEDWash 600s - all from Robe’s ROBIN series.

Apart from keeping in mind the participation of dancers, some actors, an elaborate set designed by Zé Carratu and an automated stage, the biggest challenge for the designer was timing and positioning, together with integrating all the various performers and set elements.

To help achieve this, the Pointes were rigged -  with some other fixtures - on three over-stage trusses forming a stretched V shape. The MMX WashBeams were used to light the everyone onstage as well as the audience from the front, while the LEDBeam 100s were dotted around the audience, rigged on a two metre high truss.


The LEDWash 1200s were also located around the periphery of the audience to shoot lighting across to the floor and onto the grandstands, and last but not least … the LEDWash 600s were washed the set and dancers on the stage.

Nogueira comments, “The Robes worked really well with the set and the show’s dynamics! Their general performance was excellent, fulfilling all of my expectations! The Pointes provided great effects, gobos, etc., and the MMX WashBeam have a wonderful shutter option that allowed everything to be lit really precisely”.


He was also Director of Photography for the shoot – where his main goal was to highlight Anitta and ensure that she looked fabulous on camera.

Working with the moving stage and projection mapping onto the scenic pieces gave him the chance to involve all visual elements, cutting through the air with tight beams to highlight the artist ‘in the mix’, whilst ensuring that the projections had sufficient darkness to look their best.


On the dance side, he made sure there was plenty of colour and good light levels at all times for the cameras with a base temperature of 5600K.

“We achieved a wonderful result!” he declares.

Some pre-programming was undertaken in Nogueira’s studio with the assistance of Vinicius Costa, and the rest finished on site at the venue during the get-in, undertaken by Apple and Spectrum under Gabriel Pincel’s supervision and direction.

A grandMA2 full size console and a grandMA2 Light plus two MA NPUs were used for control.

The video and Show Director was Raoni Carneiro. Content for the LED screens - one centre stage and two left and right of the stage behind the band - was created by Arthur Carratu.