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And the Party goes on and on

grandMA on Stage in the Festhalle BEA Bern

grandMA celebrates PartyGuide's 10th birthday. - often abbreviated to "PG" - is the largest and oldest leisure portal in Switzerland. The 10th birthday celebration was a ‘hot’ event staged in the Festhalle BEA Bern, attracting a huge crowd of partygoers.

The grandMA system controlled a G-LEC Phantom 30 LED-curtain

Video programmer and network technician Marco Fedrizzi from Flashlight specified 2 x grandMA full-size consoles to run lighting and video, 1 x grandMA onPC as backup, 1 x MA NSP (Network Signal Processor) and 1 x MA video station with the brand new MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) software for the job.

Fedrizzi reported: “Because of the short time schedule we needed a system with a multi-user option so we could programme the show in parallel – a sophisticated feature which the grandMA offers. As a result everyone worked in their own ‘World’ using the same showfile. During the show we had a full-backup system, which - of course – was never needed.”

The grandMA system controlled a G-LEC Phantom 30 LED-curtain as well as a large rig of Martin and Coemar moving lights. Martin Eberle worked as the lighting programmer and Christian Schweizer programmed the MA video station. Flashlight Event & Mediatechnik delivered the lighting equipment. cast Switzerland AG is the distributor for MA Lighting in Switzerland.

Lightshow controlled by grandMA