XPression Widely Used in Rental Service Provider

XPression has been used in the recent Live Java Rockingland Concert, and performed well beyond our initial expectation

PT Indomedia Pekar Sentosa, a broadcast equipment service provider based in Jakarta, Indonesia invests in Ross Video’s XPression 3D Character Generator and Motion Graphics System.

Indomedia provides rental equipment to a wide variety of customers, and rigorously pushes to provide high-quality services and cost-effective products. Indomedia invested in XPression to meet HD transitional requirements, and for its capability to do more with less. Capable of on-the-go production, XPression has proven to be not only cost-effective, but powerful and an easily upgradable solution.

“XPression has been used in the recent Live Java Rockinland Concert, and performed well beyond our initial expectation,” said Mr. Edwin Effendi, Technical Advisor “XPression has allowed us to do animations on-the-go, transition to HD in our CG system, and open up to new creative abilities such as virtual sets, video insertions and much more. Having options in hardware configurations creates reusable and upgradeable assets. More worthy traits of XPression are the 3D space which provided us a new way to create CG with “as many as you can handle” layers and its timeline-based animation controls also enables multiple animation control for different objects simultaneously.


“XPression is the ideal graphic system for rentals,” Although we say it over and over, the simplicity of XPression truly makes it accessible to casual operators, without the huge learning curve of other high-end systems,” said Brian Olson, Marketing Product Manager for XPression. “Even though XPression is easy to operate, there is no compromise in horsepower or output quality. The most complex graphic looks can still be built and played out on XPression.”

“The learning curve and the time requirement to design, build, and bring to on-air are a key criteria for the rental market business. XPression’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface addresses those important factors and has been the catalyst for XPression’s success in this market space,” said Dae Yung Choe, Sales Director – Ross Video Asia.


“XPression is an innovation,” continued Mr. Edwin Effendi. “In my analogy, it is close to having the speed of a Ferrari, cost of a Toyota, and reliability of Rovers. Ross Video together with our local partner PT Galva Technovision, has been very helpful and responsive to any issues we’ve had. It has been great to work with them.”

About XPression
XPression is a high end 3D Character Generator and Motion Graphics System that can handle the most demanding applications. Ease-of-use, incredible horsepower, and true affordability make XPression the right choice for today’s graphics market. XPression offers real time layering and animation of 3D models, 2D and 3D text, rendered animations, live video and web content. Designed for the graphic designer, programmer, and on air operator, XPression advances the look of productions, making it easy to create, manage, and get to air. As a data-driven system, XPression is able to integrate real time data into 3D graphics and animations with live connections to spreadsheets, databases, RSS feeds, newsroom editorial systems and other live data sources.