wTVision @ NAB 2012

wTVision reaches several areas: Sports, Elections, Studio Programs, Entertainment and Playout Automation Systems

Once again, wTVision, specialized in real-time broadcast graphics and playout automation, with American headquarters in Miami, will be present at Nabshow, booth SL 7428. The company will highlight three different products: Channel Maker, Studio CG and SportStats CG.

New features and new interfaces, developed with clients feedback on the basis, will be presented to the Broadcast Market on April.

Channel Maker is wTVision’s playout automation system. This system is very flexible and scalable. Due to its open architecture it can be easily connected to the client’s existing infrastructure or it can be set up as an out-of-the-box solution. One of the main advantages of this product is the easiness to manage and control graphics and the level of automated processes that a control room requires, which makes it easy to operate a 24/7 TV Channel.


wTVision will also present Studio CG, the solution to edit and manage content and launch graphics, in real-time. This product is tipically used for news, financial, sports and entertainment live programs and was developed with the goal of helping TV Channels to reduce the dependency on programmers and designers. All graphics templates, such as tickers, lower-thirds, bar charts, tables, etc come prepackaged which means that operators only need to fill the information (or it can be integrated with external information sources). New templates and forms can be easily created.

SportStats CG is a solution designed to make the graphics cover of more than 40 different sports. This application provides tools to collect, manage and compare sports data, transforming that information into on-air graphics.  This system can be integrated with third party tecnologies such as Tracking Systems and Virtual Graphics. On this station wTVision will highlight sports such as basketball, soccer and american football.wTVision has experience with more that 5000 live broadcasts yearly using SportStats CG.


Working in a service model, a project oriented model or just selling one of its turn-key products, wTVision reach several areas: Sports, Elections, Studio Programs, Entertainment and Playout Automation Systems.