Wohler's iAM-Audio Tees up with Telegenic for Mobile Broadcasts


Company Installs Monitoring Solutions in OB Trucks to Cover Major Golf and Sporting Events for Expanding U.S.-Based Business

Telegenic, one of the largest Outside Broadcast companies in the United Kingdom, has chosen Wohler Technologies to support its audio monitoring solutions for its recent contract to expand its business and broadcast major televised golf events in the United States. Wohler Technologies, a leading manufacturer of audio, video and data monitoring solutions, is providing Telegenic with its iAM-AUDIO unit that features a touch-panel interface that allows intuitive command and control of the unit and new I/O options, including Dante and Ravenna, combined with rich data displays and Wohler’s world-renowned audio quality.

Telegenic opened its first office in the U.S. in 2016 in Atlanta, GA to support its growing operations in North America. The company operates a fleet of state-of-the-art mobile television production vehicles and specializes in broadcasting large, live sporting and entertainment events. Actively engaged with many national and international clients, Telegenic provides television equipment and personnel for around 600 events a year in HD, UHD 4K and HDR.

“Having used several Wohler product lines on our TV trucks in the UK, we are very familiar with the capabilities and strengths of the company’s solutions,” says Simon ‘Foz’ Foster, deputy head of audio, Telegenic. “We knew from past experiences working with Wohler, that the company would be a perfect fit for our trucks in the U.S. Wohler’s intuitive products make it easy for us to upgrade and customize the solutions we need.”


Telegenic chose to build its very modern, small broadcast system predominantly on Dante and HD-SDI embedded audio. However, the audio solutions had to be able to work with MADI, AES and analog audio as well. A major benefit of using the iAM-AUDIO units is that less equipment was required to monitor the various signal types. Also, some of the signals were 64 channels of audio and Telegenic did not feel that any other traditional hardware meter displays were up to the task. Wohler’s iAM-AUDIO solution addressed the company’s needs with a shallow 1RU package.

Telegenic Installs Monitoring Solutions in OB Trucks to Cover Major Golf and Sporting Events for Expanding U.S.-Based Business

The iAM-AUDIO is installed in Telegenic's new U.S. television trailer


“The iAM-AUDIO is installed in our new U.S. television trailer,” says Andrew Wisniewski, U.S. operations, Telegenic. “The unit is a 53 foot, double expander vehicle and is divided into a high-end hospitality area and a production/tech area. The trailer follows major golf events around the United States for 34 weeks a year. The system’s backbone is based on Riedel’s MediorNet system, controlled by Lawo’s VSM, and audio is supported with Calrec’s Brio. The video switcher is SAM’s Kula vision desk and talkback is RTS’ ADAM-M.”

iAM-AUDIO uses front touch screen to display information and is driven by powerful hardware with versatile software components, meaning that the product can be easily updated or further developed based on evolving standards, customer feedback and requests. “As there are several new audio, video and IP standards being discussed within the wider broadcast industry at the moment, it is comforting to know that iAM-AUDIO will be able to cope with whatever the future holds,” says Foster. “iAM-AUDIO has software defined hardware and flexible licensing, where clients can purchase or add the monitoring options they need. This is extremely beneficial for OB trucks that are working on sports or entertainment broadcasts in the field and need a flexible and future-proof audio solution,” adds Wisniewski.


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Creating the first in-rack audio monitoring product over 30 years ago, Wohler Technologies continues to develop critical pieces of signal monitoring technology. Adapting to the evolving standards and needs of modern professionals, the company is a leader in providing high-quality, award-winning solutions for advanced audio, video and data monitoring including powerful Audio and Video over IP capabilities. Wohler’s cost-effective solutions ensure reliable signal monitoring for a developing range of signal types, such as Dante, Ravenna/AES67, MPEG2/4, UHD/4K and SMPTE 2022-6.