_wige MEDIA AG Future-Proofs OB Van with Grass Valley Live Production Solutions


To meet the increasing demand for HD and 3G productions, _wige MEDIA AG, a leading German communications company in the sports and automotive industry, has invested in a full suite of live production solutions from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand. This investment will upgrade one of its outside broadcasting (OB) vans from standard to high definition (HD), providing a flexible infrastructure to meet _wige MEDIA AG’s needs today, while laying the foundation for a transition to IP in the future.

The OB van will be equipped with an NVISION 8500 Hybrid Routing system, a Kaleido-Modular-X multiviewer, several LDX 80 Première cameras, an LDX 86 HiSpeed (LDX 86 HS) super-slow-motion camera, a Karrera K-Frame S-series production switcher and Belden cables for one complete solution.

“It’s extremely important that we provide high-quality productions to our customers, and we knew it was time to begin the transformation of our existing standard definition OB vans when the demand for HD and 3G productions increased tremendously,” said Peter Lauterbach, CEO, _wige MEDIA AG. “Having great success with Grass Valley solutions in the past, we reviewed their state-of-the-art products and found they offered a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that was exactly what we needed. Now, our customers will benefit from the best picture quality on the market and we gain a future-proof solution that can be adapted to meet our, and our customers’, needs.”


Investing in a complete Grass Valley solution will help _wige MEDIA AG deliver unmatched performance with flexible, scalable products, all optimized for the space, power and weight considerations of its OB vans. By selecting Grass Valley, _wige MEDIA AG will streamline workflows and simplify operations, all with low power consumption.


The NVISION 8500 Hybrid Routing system combines the convenience of integrated audio processing, simplified cable management and 24/7/365 reliability. With space at a premium, the ability to see more than one source on one screen is invaluable. The Kaleido-Modular-X multiviewer offers _wige MEDIA AG this advantage, easily turning a single screen into multiple virtual screens in space-constrained vans during live events. In this environment, the Karrera K-Frame S-series production switcher offers powerful creative functionality and an intuitive user interface for simplified control of complex productions.

In addition, _wige MEDIA AG has invested in several LDX 80 Première and LDX 86 HS camera systems to deliver unparalleled image quality with a flexible upgrade path. The LDX 80 Première cameras allow _wige MEDIA AG the flexibility to switch between 1080i and 720p acquisition with the ability to tweak the image crispness in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights independently. The company also cites the unique Grass Valley cradle concept as an important factor in its purchase, making it possible to easily move cameras between vans as needs change.


The LDX 86 HS captures fast-paced action and emotion at unrivaled quality levels, high frame rates and with instant time-to-air. This camera provides a single source for multispeed and multiformat acquisition with the highest sensitivity. With the Grass Valley e-License model, customers gain additional flexibility because they can temporarily or permanently upgrade cameras within any of the families if they need additional features.

“When we began developing our portfolio of live production solutions, we considered how each product helps broadcasters today, as well as how they can expand to meet the growing needs of our industry tomorrow,” commented Said Bacho, senior vice president, EMEA, Grass Valley. “_wige MEDIA AG is the perfect example of how Grass Valley helps customers remain ‘Future-Ready’ for any changes the market will bring, such as IP, without losing sight of their strategic business goals. We are excited to strengthen our partnership with _wige MEDIA AG and look forward to their continued success.”