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Why settle for just one input when you can have them all?

ikan VX9

The ikan Corporation announce at NAB the release of a ground-breaking new line of monitors… the VX series.

The brand-new VX7 7” LCD monitor boasts a panel resolution of 1024 x 600 and features LED backlighting, HD-SDI inputs, Blue PlusTM Freeze Frame and multiple power options. The monitor now sports a sleek, newly designed housing that puts all major features just one button away.

To provide a larger production monitor, the VX9 8.9” LCD monitor is available as well. With the same inputs as the VX7 and the same resolution, this monitor will serve perfectly for a director’s or client monitor on virtually any set.

Each monitor provides a bold new entry into the marketplace at prices that will once again illustrate ikan’s commitment to providing the features you need at the price you want.

Key Features

· HDMI, HD-SDI, Component and Composite inputs
· LED Backlighting
· Moveable Pixel to Pixel
· Blue Screen
· Overscan
· Underscan
· 1024 x 600 resolution
· Multiple power options (Sony, Canon 900, Panasonic D, AB-Mount, V-Mount)


VX9 at Work

About ikan

ikan has become the standard of reliable, affordable production tools. As with all our products, we designed our monitors to be the highest quality at a price everyone can afford. The VX series was built with this philosophy in mind. We’ve listened to our customers taking note of what they wanted in a production monitor, light weight, high resolution, multiple inputs and of course inexpensive. The new VX series from ikan exemplifies these ideas, and more…