Webcasting - A Growing Tiger In The Production Industry

The internet age and smart TV technology brought new upcoming sport venues, among them is webcasting production television. This growing venue delivers a thrill of a race to one's private settings via the internet.

CMG Télévision, a production, broadcasting entertainment news gathering and technical facilities, located in Spa, a municipality in the Walloon Region and Province of Liège, Belgium is in business for 10 years. When Jean Francois Thyssen, CMG Télévision webcasting director and general manager first learned on the ABonAir’s plug and play solution,­ he thought the technology and the solution is simply too good to be true, he was not an advocate of the wireless technology and was looking for a catch. Now, ABonAir wireless HD solution is a mandatory member on the CMG Télévision production team.


At CMG Télévision typical live webcasting settings, is made of six cameras, it can last up to thirty straight hours with viewers hungry for a live webcasting and excitement of a race.

Jean Francois Thyssen explained: “CMG Télévision team is made of a PTZ cameraman, a  HF cameraman, a video mixer operator, and me the director. With the ABonAir complete solution, all I have to do is simply plug the transmitter to the camera, setup the receiver and the sector antenna, plug BNC cable, switch on the TX (transmitter) & RX (Receiver) and voilà - we are ready to broadcast live! No need to check for dedicated frequencies; it is very simple. The wireless solution is essential to our business, sometimes when a car is broken we must run to catch special, close angel shot that our viewers like so much …”