Webcaster´s Perfect Match

JVC’s ProHD Camcorder now comes together with Webcast Case, the portable streaming studio, developed by Streamstar

TV broadcasts providing people with the latest news, sport events, and other important stories from around the world and right around the corner are more and more frequently brought to the consumer via internet live streams, as it has turned out that traditional broadcasting is nowadays too slow, complicated, and, after all, too expensive.

However, there are two significant disadvantages that have hindered the ultimate breakthrough of webcasting: 1. Inadequate quality of the broadcast material, which is particularly important when it comes to professional TV-productions. 2. The complexity and multitude of necessary equipment, which is turning out way too much work for the TV reporter on site – since they are usually working on their own account and are simply not capable of dealing with the load of requirements involved, especially when it comes to multi-camera productions. In co-operation with JVC, Streamstar now comes up with a convincing solution for both problems at once: The ProHD Camcorder in combination with the WEBCAST Case powered by Streamstar.


1.    Since said camcorders rank among the best of their class,  it´s no big deal to solve the issue concerning the quality when using JVC´s ProHD-Camcorder GY-HM650/600 or GY-HM150. After all, these models are not only distinguished for their excellent broadcast quality, but also for their wide range of functions when it comes to the needs of professional camera-men.


2. The innovative WEBCAST Case makes it easier than ever to handle the challenges of a professional shooting. In fact, WEBCAST Case proves to be the only portable multi-camera production studio that comes up in the form of a compact suitcase and provides users with everything necessary to realize professional webcast productions meeting the standards of a broadcast shooting off the cuff: 17”-Touch-Screen Full HD screen, ports for 4 cameras, switching points and all features required in terms of encoding- and streaming technology. Not only the WEBCAST Case provides the fastest “shoot-to-edit“-workflow, but also, there´s no need for any additional devices or equipment – just set up your camera(s) and enjoy the webcast experience.

“We are looking forward to realizing the co-operation with Streamstar“, Alexander Wodok, Sales Manager at JVC Professional Europe Ltd. stresses out, “and we´re very delighted about the opportunity to combine our ProHD handheld-camcorders with the innovative WEBCAST Case. Imagine it, we´re able to provide the whole equipment in just one case! This all-in-one package for live-broadcast productions allows webcasters to start off their webcast-session right away and off the spot.”


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