W-DMX™ Stars on Channel 13 Television in Chile


W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution Sweden is heating up the airwaves in Chile on Channel 13, one of the most prestigious television stations in the country. W-DMX distributor Iluminacion Profesional VALOOK® SA. based in Santiago, Chile is currently using W-DMX for the station’s productions to great success and is looking to expand the use and knowledge of the product through educational seminars.

Francisco Yañez Valdivia, Trainer & Product Manager for VALOOK explains, “Channel 13 works with a very high standard of quality. At present they use the W-DMX F-2 model linked with some integrated receivers on the fixtures and R512 receiver. I had the opportunity to talk with one of the lighting technicians and he said that this wireless system is very reliable and stable.”

In an interview with Channel 13 Lighting Designer Luis Quiroz said of W-DMX: “With W-DMX I solve timing problems, wiring problems, and it allows me to tidy up and it helps in the economy of cables. We have no problems or interference with the signal of sound systems nor wireless headphones, etc. Sometimes the connection fails even on my cell phone, but W-DMX is still working.


“We expend a lot of resources on power generators. When we have to go outside, we use small generators to connect LED par and various types of fixtures. It occasionally happens that the generator is not enough for all the freight, therefore we must connect some fixtures to other networks with energy. Eventually connected wire would be impossible. By using wireless DMX this problem disappears.”

A view of the W-DMX system high above the Channel 13 studio


He continues, “For us it is very useful to obtain signal from a receiver. This allows us to use fixtures that do not have wireless reception. During events at the national stadium of Chile there are situations in which the signal must travel long distances with different types of fixtures. For example, we are currently in Studio 1 channel located on the second floor and must send signal to Studio 8 located in the basement. So I have just one transmission point near the control room on another floor and several reception points in Studio 8. This allows me to evenly maintain the equipment configuration. We tested this and it worked perfectly. We even tried from the second floor to the underground two floors down! From the control room I can control many studios with several walls in between with the size of each studio about 40 meters long each.

“These products are absolutely dependable. I admit that at first we were skeptical, but over time and looking at the use and operation of the wireless system we have found that it works even better than cable. Our fixtures have worked better with the wireless solution than using a wired DMX signal.


“Using cables and power generators connected to different fixtures produces quite important grounds and many question arise: Where do these voltages go? Are they going to affect my console? All these doubts are dispelled when using W-DMX. This product is not only a signal emitter, it ensures safety and allows us to have a lot of receiving points.

“The person who wants to use the equipment can learn to use it in an hour. You just have to read the manual and follow the steps. Having a single button helps a lot. I always tell to the new guys ‘Go to where the W-DMX is located and press the red button.’ It is so easy!”


“This is one of our most important clients,” says Valdivia, “and for all of us at VALOOK it is really important to support them with high quality products like Wireless Solution and giving them an after service based not just in technical service. Also we are very focused in development training sessions for our customers. We are committed with the professional growth in our country. This campaign will promote the W-DMX BlackBox by educating our customers in the use of the products either giving training sessions, creating manuals (available now on our website) or accessible support material.”

Channel 13 Lighting Designer Luis Quiroz, VALOOK Product Manager Francisco Yañez Valdivia, VALOOK Sales Manager Alejandro Cortez


Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution said, “We’re thrilled to see the growth of W-DMX in South America, thanks to enthusiastic distributors like VALOOK and talented users like Channel 13. We look forward to more of these exciting partnerships, as well as the educational opportunities that VALOOK aims to provide.”

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