VR-3 streaming from Liverpool Sound City to DJTVLive.com


Since its release earlier this year, the VR-3 ‘all in one’ audio and video mixer from Roland Systems Group (RSG) has proved to be a popular choice for companies looking for a compact and portable, streaming ready device for producing live events online.

One of those companies, UK based broadcasting specialists IwashTV, have recently purchased two VR-3’s to do just that– and were using one of them to stream DJ sets live from Liverpool Sound City (LSC),  the 3 day international music, media and technology conference and live arts and music festival which took place 17-19 May at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

Working at the event on behalf of live DJ streaming site, DJTVLive.com, IwashTV set up the VR-3 with two cameras to capture the live DJ sets from the festival stage, which were then streamed directly to a computer source, reaching around 4000 viewers over two days.  The increasing popularity of event streaming was proven at LSC which had a total of 16000 stream viewers across the whole event.


Managing Director of IwashTV, Simon Fletcher commented ‘The VR-3 was ideal because we had limited space in which to work.  The beauty of the system is that we don’t need any extra audio or video mixers - everything we need is in the VR-3.  It’s ‘plug in and play’ - saves us time and hassle but it also means that we can offer an affordable streaming option to our clients – because we don’t need to over complicate the job. For what we need and what we do, the VR-3 is ideal’

With a variety of clients ranging from corporate conferences to dance music festivals with numerous setups - from twenty camera gigs through to single camera conferences, the flexibility (in terms of inputs and outputs) and detailed feature set of the VR-3 were also important to IwashTV.   As a fully integrated 4 channel video mixer/switcher with 4 mono and 2 stereo mixable audio channels, including touch screen preview monitors and streaming-ready USB output all in the one compact unit, the VR-3 also offers built in microphone, scan converter, video effects and digital audio effects.  Web streaming is effortless by simply connecting the VR-3 via the USB port to a computer which is running a live streaming service such as USTREAM.


IwashTV also use the Roland V-8 8-channel video mixer, with two selectable RGB inputs, monitor outputs and additional powerful special effects.  The full product portfolio from Roland Systems Group includes a range of professional audio and video equipment including digital consoles, personal mixers, multi channel recorders, audio recorders, video switchers and mixers, video converters and video editors.