Visit Polecam at NAB to check out the Starter Pack’s Moves

The Polecam team will also be demonstrating the newly-developed Wire Strut System

This year the Polecam team are bringing their Starter Pack aimed at DSLR users to NAB in its final form – it’s hot off the production line and ready to get to work!

This is the first time visitors to the team’s booth, C5340, will be able to see the fully working Starter Pack on US soil – last year they wowed the crowds with the prototype version but this year it’s the real deal.

The Starter Pack is already proving a hit in the UK and US and is aimed at DSLR users who want to take their footage to new levels by adding sweeping crane shots to their mix.

The small pack with big ambitions – the PSP weighs in at just 33lbs and comes in a specially-designed foam insert designed to drop straight into a Pelicase (model 1770) – is compatible with the latest DSLR and lightweight video cameras.


Polecam’s managing director Steffan Hewitt said: “Whether you’re shooting a high-end wedding or filming BBC Frozen Planet, a corporate film about fork-lift trucks or winter sports, the Starter Pack will give you professional quality footage at an affordable price.”

He added: “We’re excited to be bringing the Starter Pack back to NAB as a finished product. We’ve done all the tweaking we need to over the last year – and now it’s ready for action!”

The Polecam team will also be demonstrating the newly-developed Wire Strut System (dubbed Horns and Tails by Polecam USA’s Greg Salman) which is designed to give added stability to the pole while still retaining the crane’s trademark flexibility and versatility.


“Our new Wire Strut System has been developed by working closely with experienced Polecam operators in the UK,” said Steffan.

More kit to feast your eyes on at Polecam’s stand will include the full Polecam rig, specialist cameras, a range of lenses to suit the cameras and much more!