Vinten Radamec Launches the Ultimate Heavy Weight Robotic Studio Solution

Vinten Radamec®, a Vitec Group Company, introduces its latest solution in response to customer demand for a robotic pedestal for even heavier payloads.  The FPR-210+ is a variation of the renowned robotic pedestal, the FP-188, smoothly managing payloads of up to 95kg/210lbs, providing operators with uncompromising on-air support for heavy weight camera packages.

The new pedestal supports the weight of Vinten Radamec’s renowned Fusion FH-145 head, plus the combined weight of the studio camera or build-up kit, studio lens and prompter/vanity monitor combination of up to 66kg/145lbs, maximising the payload capacity of the FH-145.

The FPR-210+ offers the smoothest on-air operation, across all speeds.  It recognises the compact L shaped floor targets that work across a wide range of floor finishes or can be supplied with the Fusion Absolute Positioning System (APS).  The award-winning APS delivers the ultimate positional accuracy and operational flexibility never before possible when using free-roaming robotic camera support pedestals.


Phil Dalgoutte, product manager for Vinten Radamec said: “This is the latest in our line of next generation products that will provide studios with the highest performing heavy weight robotic solution on the market. The FPR-210+ can be locally controlled through the easily accessible buttons to operate the height column and switching the pedestal base to full-manual operation, this makes it simple to switch between free form and pre-programmed show formats providing studios with even more flexibility.”

About Vinten Radamec
Vinten Radamec is a leading provider of robotic camera support systems offering engineering excellence and globally supported solutions for a wide range of technologies and markets. Its extensive range of products includes robotic heads, pedestals and controllers suitable for studio, OB and legislative environments.  Recognised for some of the most innovative broadcast robotics in the world, Vinten Radamec has a worldwide customer support network and distribution infrastructure, and an industry leading research and development programme. 

Vinten Radamec solutions take a seamless role in the broader automated environment and thereby increase the flexibility of systems to take advantage of the economic and operational benefits of robotic cameras.