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Vinten celebrates 100 years of innovation with new products and proven solutions at NAB2010

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Vinten®, a Vitec Group brand and global leader in camera supports, is celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2010, an unprecedented achievement in the film and television industry. As part of the celebrations it will be rolling out new technology alongside its proven favourite products at NAB2010 (12 – 15 April, Las Vegas Convention Center).

Perfect Balance

Vinten is renowned for its Perfect Balance, the unrivalled ability to support a camera so that it appears weightless to the user. This, combined with fluid drag, ensures that the only moves the camera makes are those that the operator wants, with the camera remaining perfectly still – in any position – at the end of the move. Today Vinten provides Perfect Balance for virtually any camera, with the award winning Vision AS range (launched at NAB last year) matching payloads from 2k to 14.5kg, the Vector range of pan and tilt heads, and the Quattro range of pedestals which together provide top end support for large camera/lens/prompter combinations.

As well as showing the breadth of the Vinten range of heads, tripods and pedestals, NAB2010 will also see the demonstration of new technology to meet emerging user requirements, such as supporting cameras with compact box lenses or HD EFP barrel lenses.

Also on display will be heads incorporating precision positional encoders, either to stream data to virtual studio graphics systems or to work in association with image stabilising lenses, eliminating lag in pans and tilts.

Vinten will be demonstrating some of its products in a studio environment and a broad selection of the range will be available for the visitors to get hands on experience on booth C 6025 in the Central Hall at NAB2010.


Vinten – 100 years of innovation

It was on 1 January 1910 that William Vinten opened his workshop for business, in Wardour Street London, as W Vinten Cinematograph Engineers. Since then the company has earned and maintained an unmatched reputation for innovative, operationally excellent, precision engineered products.

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