Vimond Enhances Audio in Storytelling Application at NAB2017

Vimond Enhances Audio in Storytelling Application

Vimond IO new features to be showcased at NAB2017 on booth SU10105CM

Vimond Media Solutions today announced that it has enhanced its cloud-based video editing application, Vimond IO, with advanced audio features including rubber-banding, collapsed/expanded audio and solo/mute monitoring.
VImond IO is a frame-accurate, multi-user storytelling tool for journalists and video professionals, which lets users quickly put stories and clips together using a wide range of source material, while completing the video in the cloud by rendering for a variety of broadcast and social media environments.

“Since last year’s NAB, Vimond IO has become even more powerful, with lower thirds, graphical overlays and other improvements,” said  Miguel Silva, CCO of Vimond. “With our latest, advanced audio editing capabilities, we’re showing once again that this collaborative, professional storytelling tool has been designed ‘by users for users’ to make their workflows more efficient, valuable and precise.”
These audio enhancements build upon existing, powerful feature sets. Already compliant with US and European standards of frame accuracy, IO now enables editors to use rubber banding - the manipulation of elastic markers - to change volume on audio key frames. The application also now expands and collapses the multiple audio tracks that are typically found on broadcast cameras, allowing for advanced editing on single tracks. In a related development, solo and mute functionality allows editors to isolate sound to improve production value. In order to create smooth transitions between videos stitched together in IO, one can also apply audio cross fades.

With deep roots in broadcasting, Vimond Media Solutions understands the exacting standards and time constraints of broadcast professionals and designs its online tools accordingly. Browser-based, IO provides rapid search tools for finding content stored in the Vimond Online Video Platform, or in the customer’s own MAM system. It leverages the cloud to process and host large video files and, on the client side, gives users a low-resolution proxy file in a familiar layout, with a wide range of audio and video editing functionalities. Using familiar keyboard controls, users can quickly edit. Since rendering happens in the background while you edit, the story will be ready for publishing immediately.  IO can publish to a CMS, social media sites, or online newspapers.
Editors can use IO anywhere they have a computer and an Internet connection. Voiceovers are the only thing they may need to upload. Highly responsive and collaborative by design, IO is a fully functioning editing tool with all the features that online video editors need to make a complete story.


About Vimond Media Solutions
Vimond Media Solutions develops and markets modular, interoperable and custom OTT solutions for the new world of TV. Established in 2011, with headquarters in Bergen, Norway, and offices around the world -  New York, Dubai, Sydney - Vimond powers services from world-leading online TV brands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, TV 2, TVAE, iflix, and top broadcasters and service providers globally. Vimond helps  these companies adapt and grow a rapidly changing digital audience by providing unique technology and expertise.