Vimond @ BroadcastAsia2016

Vimond Launches Online TV Social Tool, Boosts Video Storytelling and Enhances Platforms

”At BroadcastAsia 2016, Vimond will introduce a new way for viewers to socialize while watching online content, showcase a highly capable video storytelling tool and reveal powerful enhancements to our core production and distribution products” Helge Høibraaten, CEO of Vimond Media Solutions

NEW** Vimond Connect
In its debut at BroadcastAsia 2016, Vimond Connect provides an exciting new way for viewers to socialize while watching online television. Viewers can comment on the content as they watch, but the comments are anchored to the exact moment in the video when they were posted, allowing the comments to be seen at the same point by VOD viewers watching later. This enables a spoiler-free conversation around television content between viewers watching at different times, with a spontaneous social experience.

Vimond Connect is about relationships, about creating and maintaining the social aspect when it comes to television. Because the communication is tied to the triggering events in the video, the users can easily find all commenters that are interested in that specific event, making it easier to interact with people with the same interests.


NEW** Vimond IO
Vimond IO is a new frame-accurate multi-user storytelling tool for journalists and video professionals. Seen for the first time at NAB 2016, IO lets users quickly put stories and clips together using source material in a wide variety of file formats, while IO takes care of the transcoding. Browser-based, IO provides rapid search tools for finding content stored on the Vimond Control Center (VCC) or in the user’s MAM system, with source and results players for intuitive editing. Editing with familiar keyboard controls, users can create stories and publish them immediately to the CMS, or to social media sites and YouTube.

Highlights 1.7
Vimond Highlights streamlines live-to-VOD conversion, for rapid short-form clip production and distribution to social media. With the support of very light-weight software, broadcasters are able to leverage existing infrastructures, yet gain tremendous speed in clip production. At NAB, Vimond will show Highlights 1.7, with new features including support for Chrome with MPEG-Dash, the ability to update already-created clips, and many stability enhancements.


Vimond Platform 1.8
The Vimond Platform 1.8 includes powerful new features designed to enhance capabilities for global operation, including multi-tenancy, increased support for multi-language services, easy integration of multiple CDNs into primary and fallback configurations, and the ability to populate multiple sites from the same content store to target differentiated audiences. Multi-publishing support lets content aggregator sites allow individual content contributors curate their own content, and the Flagging feature lets viewers notify multi-contributor platform operators in case of sub-standard content.

Vimond Control Center
The VCC adds support for plug-in modules, allowing users to build customised functionality with external tools and services using its powerful APIs. A new wizard makes setting up live streams (including externally hosted streams) even easier and quicker, and new metadata capabilities allow dynamic configurable metadata schemes that streamline the management of massive content volumes.


Vimond Media Solutions AS develops and markets tools for the new world of TV. Established in 2011 and based in Bergen, Norway, Vimond powers services from world leading online TV brands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, TV 2, iflix, and leading broadcasters and service providers globally. We help these companies adapt and grow a rapidly changing digital audience by providing unique technology and expertise.