Viewpoint Expands with Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System

The combination K2 Dyno Replay Controller and K2 Summit™ media server make up the K2 Dyno Replay System

Meeting its clients’ need for first-rate production values at an affordable price, Viewpoint Production Services (VPS), a broadcast equipment rental and mobile production services company based in Pittsburgh, PA, has completed the upgrade of its two standard-definition production trucks to full high-definition (HD) capability.

The first truck—VPS-38HD—has been equipped with a Grass Valley™ K2 Dyno™ Replay System, with the second truck's K2 Dyno Replay System scheduled for purchase next year. Once installed, VPS will be able to network the two K2 Dyno systems together, along with other servers in the truck, to expand its production capabilities.

In order to educate its freelance slo-mo operators to what the K2 Dyno Replay System is capable of, Grass Valley helped VPS host three days of free training sessions at the VPS facility in March. The event attracted about a dozen operators, who were all able to fully operate the system’s intuitive menus and built-in playlist manager by the end of the three-hour class.


“We like the K2 Dyno because it offers every feature we need at a very affordable price,” said Jim Artzberger, President and CEO of VPS. “Cost-effectiveness and reliability are the two main reasons we went with the K2 Dyno. After using it for a few weeks, we now know we have a very powerful tool and could not be happier with the results we’re seeing.”

“During freelance training, the K2 Dyno was universally met with a very positive response,” said Michael Kendlick, Director of Production at VPS. “In fact, no one wanted to leave. They all agreed that it performs as well as anything out there, even systems costing much more."


Since its first outing in April, the combination K2 Dyno Replay Controller and K2 Summit™ media server (which make up the K2 Dyno Replay System) are being used to help produce a wide variety of live events, from professional, college, and high school sports to parades and other local TV programming.

“Our clients don't typically come to us with a spec sheet of equipment they’d like us to use, they come with production expectations,” added Kendlick. “We’re very excited about the addition of the K2 Dyno to our production workflow and can't wait to see what we’ll be able to do with it as time goes on. The K2 Dyno will help us create productions that rival any regional sports network.”


"One of the true strengths of the K2 Dyno Replay System is its ability to give smaller organizations the same replay and slow-motion capabilities as some of the biggest players in the industry," said Jeff Rosica, Executive Vice President of Grass Valley. "And best of all, that capability comes at a much more reasonable price than competitive systems."

The Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System is designed to help sports producers and other professionals capture live events in crystal-clear HD resolutions and instantly play them out at variable speeds for critical analysis during fast-paced events. The latest K2 Dyno software (v. 2.0) allows users to access new and existing features of the system—such as Set up, Start-up,  and Highlight and Playlist creation—even  faster than before.


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