VidiGo Announces Premium Partnership with Leading Asian System Integrator Ideal Systems


VidiGo announced they are extending their partnership network in Asia by launching a premium partnership deal with Ideal Systems, an industry leading systems integrator providing innovative solutions to the broadcast industry.

VidiGo obtained partnerships with seven offices of Ideal Systems introducing exclusive access to countries such as China mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and India. With its premium status Ideal Systems will be able to provide their clients with new innovative technologies to improve production efficiency and enhance viewing quality.

“Ideal Systems is always targeting emerging markets such as visual radio and AV live studio events. Upon seeing first-hand the current applications and capabilities of VidiGo’s products, Ideal was excited to represent VidiGo as they offer clients unique, user-friendly and intuitive solutions that is incomparable with other solutions out there in the market. Unlike the traditional studio setup, the all-in-one solutions offered by VidiGo provide an excellent platform for clients to handle live events with few complications.”, - said Steven Young, Director, Ideal Systems Asia Pacific Limited.


“With Ideal Systems we believe to have found a strong partner to represent our business in the Asian market. They have a very good reputation and broad network, and really know how to approach the Asian market. But even more important is that they really embrace our vision and understand how our solutions can benefit their customers. It is not always easy in this industry to find partners that are able to bridge the gap between software technology and traditional broadcast workflows.” – said Reinout Lempers, CCO VidiGo.

“We believe this partnership will be beneficial to both parties. On one side we have a new and innovative solutions provider with an established range of products and countless applications, and the other, we have an industry-recognized systems integrator with over 20 years’ experience in the region. The partnership between the two will bring expertise and benefits from different areas to identify and tackle new markets in Asia Pacific”, - said Steven Young.


About Ideal Systems
Ideal Systems is an industry leading Systems Integrator providing innovative solutions to broadcasting, Telecoms, Enterprise, Government and Educational institutions. Founded in 1989 in Ireland, it quickly identified the Asia Pacific region for its potential and subsequently opened its first office in Hong Kong after a period of success. Ideal Systems currently operates in 9 countries with 11 offices in the Asia Pacific region that includes Beijing, Guangzhou, Bangkok, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

In 2014, Ideal Systems is celebrating its Silver Jubilee, having built and sustained a strong reputation in the broadcasting industry for providing state-of-the-art services that ranges from consultancy, project management, installation, to system design, interior design and full after support. To date Ideal Systems has built a multitude of TV broadcast facilities, which includes DTH platforms, countless studios and PCR installations, Post-Production facilities and many Playout centres that span all corners of the globe. We at Ideal receive support from over 40 of the most respected global technology partners in the industry, catering to hundreds of clients in all sectors.


About VidiGo
VidiGo is market leader in software and IT-based solutions for live TV production. The company’s mission is to create the most intuitive and efficient IT solutions for the new generation TV producers.

VidiGo’s solutions are defining the future of broadcast. In 2006 VidiGo foresaw the shift to IT & IP based solutions in the broadcast industry and since then VidiGo has provided its users with easy-to-use and open solutions, allowing them to work more efficiently and to create compelling live TV at lower costs.

The company’s clients are industry leading broadcasters, commercial & public radio stations, sports arenas and video production houses all around the globe. Professional partners in over 40 countries sell VidiGo’s solutions.