VideoFlow Shows VIA CONNECT at IBC2014

VideoFlow brings together innovative technologies to create VIA CONNECT for professional video quality over unmanaged networks

At IBC2014 at booth 3.B20, VideoFlow will be launching VIA CONNECT™ - a suite of solutions designed to meet the requirement of professional live contribution and distribution (C&D).

Designed for broadcasters, telcos, teleports and OTTs, VIA CONNECT slashes video delivery costs and grows business by delivering the best video quality over low cost, unmanaged public networks, such as the Internet, without the need for expensive Service Level Agreements thereby maximising revenue.  VIA CONNECT is perfect for DNG, syndication, occasional use, and last/first mile video quality protection.

Creates cloud power toolset to deliver professional video quality VideoFlow's new, video-aware, cloud power VIA CONNECT creates a 24x7 non-interrupted video service with its high availability features including hitless stream failover, path protection, unit redundancy, load sharing/balancing, and multi-ISP connection.  VideoFlow's patented Prioritized Protection Flow (PPF) enables the delivery of video over extremely noisy links by smoothing the packet bursts caused by packet retransmissions without competing with the video packets on available bandwidth.  VideoFlow's reliable UDP achieves higher video bit rate compared with TCP based protocols hence higher video quality.  The packet jitter elimination ensures no packet will be declared lost because of a late arrival.  The integrated real time network and video monitoring reduces the time for troubleshooting increasing the service's grade of service.  Easy connection and configuration provides the freedom to choose the best growing path for C&D professionals.  Leveraging VideoFlow's video aware infrastructure as a service or adapting an existing network using VIA CONNECT elements makes it easy to connect and configure the workflow reducing workload by enabling in band remote technical operations and maintenance from the NOC.


Live video over standard Internet connection - Network problems so video quality is annoying

Live video over standard Internet connection with VideoFlow - Network problems exist yet video quality is outstanding


Included in VIA CONNECT, is VideoFlow's new, game changing Controlled Adaptive Rate (CAR) that optimizes video quality for each receiver individually in real time or optimizes video profile bit rates for a large-scale distribution network in real time.  Viewers will receive higher bit rate and hence higher video quality.  CAR's dynamic optimization is based on collecting accurate network and video statistics from the receivers.  This information is used by the transmitter to make precise adjustments to the encoder's (or profile) bit rate in real time.

Mrs. Ronit Kalujny, VideoFlow's CEO, said, "VIA CONNECT is all about the professional video needs. It brings together all our innovative features to create an integrated ecosystem that enables our customers to deliver the best possible video quality over unmanaged networks.  As part of this, third parties are now licensing our patented technologies to incorporate into their products to extend the adoption of our DVP solutions so that they will become the solution of choice for professional broadcasters, telcos and OTTs."

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VideoFlow is the pioneer of live high quality video (SD, HD and above) over standard internet connections.  Its DVP (Digital Video Protection) solutions rapidly pay for themselves by making expensive leased lines redundant for live broadcast.  The high quality of the original high quality video input is maintained during its transfer over the internet without artefacts, jitter or latency greater than two seconds.  VideoFlow has four key technology patents covering Live Content Delivery Networking (LCDN) with over a dozen patents pending.