Video, audio and control camera cable can handle highest resolutions

Video, audio and control camera cable can handle highest resolutions

The Ultra-HD pro: SOMMER CABLE introduces TRANSIT MC 3202 HD combo cable

When we talk about the transmission of HD signals in 4k or even 8k, Ultra-HD (UHD) is the new magic word. More and more often the new standard replaces the widespread Full-HD. This calls for solutions to meet these high requirements. With the launch of the TRANSIT MC 3202 HD, SOMMER CABLE, the specialist for professional cable and connecting technology from Baden-Wuerttemberg, now introduces a high-performance combo cable for UHD applications.

Whether at large events, in the OB van or in the field of studio installation – Ultra-HD is gaining ground everywhere. Compared to Full-HD, the many times higher resolution often poses a challenge in connecting broadcast production equipment such as cameras, monitors or cutting desks. With that in mind, we developed the new TRANSIT cable. It is recommended for all applications where a stable UHD signal transmission and at the same time a compact size are important“, underlines Pascal Miguet, Product & Sales Manager at SOMMER CABLE.

The new UHD-SDI hybrid cable complements the already existing fiber-optic combo cables in our range, joining 3 x UHD video (BNC), 2 x digital audio (3-pole XLR) and a camera power supply line (e. g. 4-pole XLR) in one compact cable. The 3-in-1 cable is flexible, easy to reel and, because of its low damping values, highly recommended for long-distance transmissions. Customers can purchase the new cable as of now, also premade and ready for connection.



SOMMER CABLE is a leading manufacturer of professional cable and connection technology with a focus on the audio, video, broadcast, studio and media technology sectors. Since 1999 the Baden-Wurttemberg based company from Straubenhardt-Conweiler has developed, produced and distributed high-quality connection solutions.