Versatility is Key

Delec CS1624 communication unit equipped with a Dante interface

Delec, the communication specialist from Eisenberg (Germany), is clearly placing its bets for 2015 on versatility. At the leading prolight+sound fair, the company indeed presents four brand-new Dante™ converters of the Delec unito product line, Dante™ enabled subscriber panels and innovative radio interfaces.

“Based on our oratis communication platform, we are systematically expanding our portfolio with products that are versatile, flexible and cost-effective. The implementation of audio-over-IP is the undisputed highlight of our new approach, allowing customers to leverage the potential of their existing IT infrastructure.”

Delec’s managing director, Norbert Schömel, is adamant that the products on display at prolight+sound will prove real problem solvers: This year’s highlights are the new Delec unito range, i.e. devices that convert audio signals from and into Dante™. Delec launched a whopping four unito units at prolight+sound.


Users of Dante™ networks already rejoiced at the announcement of the new subscriber panels with a Dante™ interface last fall. The first subscriber panels that can be connected directly to a Dante network without the need for an additional convertor, these units can easily be hooked up to a Delec CS1624 communication unit equipped with a Dante interface. Several subscriber panels are available: 19” units with 12 or 16 keys and a 16-key tabletop panel.

To boost the flexibility of an oratis system even further, it is now possible to connect oratis and oratis compact devices to Kenwood NEXEDGE® radio systems using the new oratis radio interface. Such a setup allows users to address up to 63 individual devices and supports 189 group calls from a portable radio. Best of all, point-to-point and group calls can be initiated from any Delec subscriber panel and any Kenwood portable radio.


Small is beautiful: launched in 2014, the new Delec P2F optical converter provides a dramatic flexibility boost for the oratis product family, allowing for extra long cable runs between subscriber panels and the matrix frame.

About the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup of companies:
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