VENICE Implements Workflows Using Avid® ISIS® Shared Storage and Interplay® PAM Systems

DVS has upgraded its video server to include AVID ISIS and Interplay PAM

DVS's multi-channel video server – has supported the Avid® ISIS® shared storage and Interplay® PAM (Production Asset Management) systems, thereby underlining DVS's continued commitment to openness in its products. Users benefit from seamless production processes and thereby from incredible workflow efficiency.

Spycer®, the DVS Content Control System that is integrated in VENICE, has been upgraded to enable it to access Avid ISIS storage and Interplay PAM. This combination allows users to perform live video ingest via HD-SDI and file ingest from Professional DiscsTM and P2 media on ISIS/Interplay production systems using VENICE. By integrating the Avid systems into the Spycer® network, the required material is available on all workstations immediately even in diverse production environments, and can be processed there using various editing systems.

Thanks to the "edit while write" function in VENICE, video material can be viewed and edited while it is being written. The material can be stored in parallel both in the Avid environment as well as on other open storage systems. With its numerous interfaces, VENICE is positioned as the central ingest system in diverse production and storage architectures.


Neil Blake, technology partner manager at Avid said: "It's great that DVS supports our systems. Thanks to the unique combination of Avid and DVS systems, our customers' production processes are even faster and more seamless."

Niklas Fabian, Product Manager at DVS: "For a long time now, DVS has been committed to ensuring its systems are compatible with those from other manufacturers. When developing our VENICE video server, we placed a huge amount of emphasis on ensuring that it integrates seamlessly into any environment in the broadcast arena."