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VDS Announces Promotor For Ross Video XPRESSION

Promotor provides automated graphics playback for new graphics platform.

VDS, a leading provider of integrated technologies for the creation, automation and enhancement of video graphics for broadcast television, today announced that it will support the new Ross XPression graphics system with its enhanced automation product, Promotor.

Promotor is unique in its ability to drive real-time On-Air events in concert with broadcast automation. By design, Promotor extends the capabilities of station automation, bridging the gap between demand and capability with rules based actions applied to basic automation playlist events. The result is Promotor delivering complex lower thirds and full screen graphic promos with a "crafted look" at precisely the right moment. With XPression, Promotor is aware of every stage of the On-Air event, not just the automation start time and this produces an outstanding level of quality that sets this solution apart.

"We are very excited about our new partnership with Ross Video" said Larry Mincer, President of VDS. "Together, Promotor and the XPression graphics platform are a game changer: Video, Audio, Graphics, 3D and 2D all in a streamlined and easy-to-manage environment. Promotor exploits the power of XPression to produce sophisticated branding events combining animations, text and audio in real-time. Together Promotor and XPression excel and raise the bar on automated graphics."

Promotor integrates with XPression and the existing automation system, streamlining repetitive processes, increasing on-air branding and reducing workload. With Promotor graphic events are more consistent, with an unmatched level of reconciliation and repeatability.

"Ross Video is thrilled to have VDS onboard as an XPression partner", said Brian Olson, Marketing Product Manager - XPression, Ross Video. "VDS software has some of the deepest integration with traffic and automation systems in the industry. These links to scheduling and playout control are critical for any graphics automation or branding project. In addition, VDS has a distinguished list of clients, including the top broadcast and cable networks. XPression couldn't be in better company."


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Ross Video designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in live production applications. Ross’ award winning product line includes Vision, Vision Octane and CrossOver Video Production Switchers; openGear, RossGear and GearLite Terminal Equipment; SoftMetal Video Servers; OverDrive Production Control Systems and XPression Character Generators. Ross products are installed in over 100 countries around the world, where they are used daily by top broadcasters, production companies, sports stadiums, government agencies and houses of worship. News and information are available at

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About VDS

VDS provides automation and content design tools for the broadcast, cable television, internet, and post production markets. VDS products offer automated control of broadcast television systems, with an emphasis on graphics-related operations, content distribution and automation, and internet-to-video and video-to-internet systems. These products are used in fully automated sports, news and financial graphics channels as well as the automated management of digital assets and the automated generation of promos in multichannel broadcast or cable facilities. VDS content creation products help broadcast and post-production artists create eye-catching visual effects and apply cutting edge image processing algorithms to still graphics and moving footage. VDS’s content creation toolset includes imaging/FX and media import/export plug-ins for editing/compositing systems, and an advanced paint system for broadcast graphics.