Utopium Invests in SGM X-5 and P-5

Colin Bodenham and John Newman combined their skills to design and deliver the stage lighting along with architectural lighting

UK-based lighting production and installation specialists, Utopium recently invested in a range of new event lighting technologies with sustainable, creative benefits to clients. This included placing a significant order with SGM UK for their revolutionary P-5 (LED wash light) and X-5 (LED strobe).

Utopium’s six figure investment has added significantly to the choice of modern LED lighting the company can offer event organisers and lighting designers — and the company’s new SGM inventory was soon deployed on a major series of open air concerts: the inaugural Bristol Summer Series for Metropolis Music.

Utopium’s managing director Colin Bodenham comments: “Having listened to clients, applied our experience and researched recent product releases, we’ve added some revolutionary lights to our inventory, notably from SGM. LED technology means improved sustainability and economy through reduced power consumption and being small means less transport and weight loading.  The colours and output from these relatively small fittings are incredible and we are all looking forward to having less weight to rig in roofs or truss.

”Fully aware that the cutting edge SGM P-5 and X-5 have already established themselves on multiple world tours, he added, “They combine an impressive array of technical advancements to improve creative and control options, reliability, with vastly improved power consumption to output ratio.”


Helping to enhance the already stunning setting of the Bristol Harbourside, where the stage was framed by a tall ship, the Kaskelot, SGM’s X-5s joined the artillery for Paolo Nutini’s headline show at Bristol Summer Series, prior to his appearance at Glastonbury.

Colin Bodenham and John Newman combined their skills to design and deliver the stage lighting design along with architectural lighting using the canvas of the amphitheatre building and Tall Ships in the harbour. The X-5 LED strobes offered increased creativity with reduced weight loading and power consumption.

On the evidence of this, he said the purchase was fully justified, explaining: “These new SGM X-5 strobes are proving a fantastic addition to our inventory. They are a dream with regards to the creative options they add and both incoming LD’s commented on how much they liked them.” 

SGM’s X-5 LED strobes deliver the same output as conventional strobes from one fifth of the power (at 4 amps) and create unique effects never delivered before by a strobe. Housing 2,970 LED’s with power consumption of just 360W, it is designed into three individual cells to boost creativity.


The SGM P-5 is low-profile fixed, rectangular, full RGBW LED wash light, with an IP65 rating, making it suitable for outdoor architectural use. It establishes its green credentials by providing an efficacy factor of 52 lumens per watt (channelled through various lens options).

Paolo Nutini onstage in Bristol with Utopium’s new X-5 strobes


In conclusion, Bodenham said: “Clients who understand what we have bought are already excited that these lights will be available to them as we go through a busy summer of festivals, concerts, product launches and corporate events.”