Universal Fibre Power ... Octopus Hybrid Line Systems

Floor stagebox TBH08 with HAN-ECO multipin, PowerCON and AF Send & Return - SCHILL HT 481 cable drum with OCTOPUS HYBRID 443

SOMMER CABLE presents the new OCTOPUS HYBRID PUR 443 fibre-optical hybrid cable.

This line compound consists of four OM3 multimode fibre optics (50/125 µm – 10 GBASE-SR over 300 m, 1000 BASE-SX over 900 m; breakout design with special aramid threads as strain relief and direct connector assembly), three power supply wires with 2.5 mm² (nominal voltage 300 / 500 V, brown/blue/green-yellow) plus two signal pairs (2 x 2 x 0.22 mm²) for control applications or for transmitting AES/EBU (or DMX) signals for instance. The whole construction is surrounded by a dense aramid mesh and fitted with a cold-flexible PUR jacket. There are extra aramid yarns in the central elements witch as used as strain relief. The maximum tensile load of the cable is 600 N. With a modest outer diameter of 13.4 mm and only 190 g/m the cable is extremely compact and lightweight, allowing us to offer systems with 100 m cable length on the compact HT481 drum from SCHILL at a total weight of less than 30 kg.

OCTOPUS HYBRID PUR 443 fibre-optical hybrid cable

And we also present the reworked OCTOPUS HYBRID PUR 244. This is based on the SMPTE 311M standard that is widely used in the broadcasting sector. The construction houses two singlemode fibre optics (9/125 µm, breaktout design with proprietary aramid threads), two power supply pairs, each with AWG20 (colour coding black/white) and two signal pairs (2 x 2 x 0.22 mm²). With a central aramid element and an overall aramid mesh the reworked cable design achieves a higher maximum tensile load of 600 N. The cable with an outer diamter of 9.2 mm has been optimised for the well-known SMPTE 311 connector. The cable weight is only 133 g/m.



SOMMER CABLE also offers the OCTOPUS HYBRID 443 cable as fully premade systems. Here the Straubenhardt-based manufacturer relies on the modular HAN-ECO connector from the HARTING company. The smallest possible connector housing with three module slots takes up the fibre-optical module (4 x SC-Ferrule), one Power/AF module plus the PE module. And all this in a housing that is only 80 mm wide. The multipin’s big advantage is that all connections (fibre-optics, mains supply and signal) are established via a single plug-in procedure and the cable end is equipped with a very efficient strain relief. Thus using our famous THE BOXX floor stagebox, a very robust breakout solution may be realised.

Of course, the cable ends can also be configured completely to individual customer requests; e.g. they can be spliced up to LC, SC or ST and certainly to a multi-fibre connector (HI-FIBER4 or expanded beam connector), too.

Typical applications for the systems would be:
- Connection of digital FOH places via a single cable
- Connection of e.g. entire A/D converter racks in mobile recording via a single cable
- In- and outdoor transmissions (ENG/SNG) over long distances