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Unitecnic supplies new IMAGINA US production centre with high definition technology

Imagina US

The engineering company Unitec is a pioneer in the design of technical projects and work-flow in HD and has supplied the new production centre for IMAGINA US, situated in Miami (USA), with high definition technology. The new 1000 square metre building split between 3 studios are operated from any of the two control centres and are equipped for high definition production with one fully equipped multi-copy production studio, 3 editing rooms, a protocols room and two commentary booths.

Unitecnic has managed the entire project

The IMAGINA US centre also features 3 HD 24/7 broadcast channels with a totally independent play-out server system. In addition, the building also includes a teleport capable of receiving up to 32 signals via satellite in the south of Florida and has the capability of distributing signals via satellite, optic fibre around the planet.

Unitecnic has managed the entire project right from the consultancy phase to the launch, including the design for all the engineering for the centre, guiding the client through the high definition transition process.


Equipment supply highlights include the Harris Nexio servers with two entry channels and 4 play-outs, for the broadcast of 3 channels (Pasiones, Centroamérica TV and TV Dominicana). The video infrastructure is centralized in a Cygnus matrix with 576 HD-SDI entries and 576 exits, Kahuna 3ME production mixers and a Miranda Kaleido monitoring system. The IT infrastructure in the centre includes, the entire editing suite, post-production and graphics from Avid based on the Avid Unity Isis warehousing system.

Imagina US Control Room