Uniform Brand Strategy Assures RTS a More Focused Market Presence in the Broadcast Sector

Telex broadcasting products henceforth will carry the brand name “RTS”

For many years, the brands RTS and Telex have stood for state-of-the-art equipment in the communications and broadcasting sectors. In order to offer customers greater transparency and exhibit a unified market presence, the product range of the two sister brands will in future be marketed under a single brand name: henceforth, all Telex broadcasting products will bear the common brand name: “RTS”.

“By consolidating our intercom products under a single brand, we aim to position our broadcasting products in the market in a clear and uniform way. A decisive argument in favor of this step was the outstanding reputation of RTS in the professional intercom sector. RTS products are known and sought after the world over for their quality and reliability.”

Whilst the Audiocom and Radiocom series as well as the Broadcast Headsets from Telex will be sold from now onwards under the brand “RTS”, the series and product names, which are firmly established in the market, will remain unchanged.

The following product lines will in future be marketed under the brand RTS:
·    Telex Audiocom and Radiocom:
Including BTR-700, BTR-800, BTR-80N systems

·    Telex Broadcast Headsets:
Including PH-88, PH-44, HR-1, HR-2, PH-1, PH-2