twofour54 intaj Brings Latest Technologies to Abu Dhabi


With the rise of 3D technology in filmmaking, many aspects of film production and film viewing are changing, not always by much but usually to a visible degree. As a viewer, you may think film making is easy but the truth behind the different genre of films you’ve watched is that film making is a challenge and a continuous learning industry. One important factor in the success of film making is the use of technology.

In the past, technology wasn’t as improved as today, where people were satisfied watching black and white films, with no sounds, colors, camera tricks or effects. However, thanks to technology, the film making industry has changed 360 degrees, with vivid colors and impeccable sounds. Motion picture technology has been developed, 3D graphics, unbelievable camera effects and tricks are being used. Cinematic qualities are being prioritized, shots being edited and the impossible made possible.

twofour54, the commercial arm of the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi, is taking steady steps towards attracting major international production and media organizations to strengthen the Emirate’s position as a regional centre of excellence in content creation across all media platforms.


Therefore, twofour54 intaj, the leading production facilities and services provider, has worked on equipping its studio 2 with the latest technologies.

Earlier this year, twfour54 purchased three The Sony PMW-F55 4K Camcorders, which give filmmakers high picture quality and depth of field through a Super 35 millimetre 4K (11.6 megapixels in total) sensor, production flexibility, workflow efficiency and a wide range of creative options. The camcorders deliver super-sampled HD, 2K and 4K images with wide dynamic range and superb colour gamut that is wider than motion picture print film. Extensive creative options for HD/2K/QFHD/4K and 2K/HD production uses multi-codec support, including XDCAM 422, XAVC, SStP and RAW. They have high frame rate capture at full 4K and 2K resolution across all codecs and simultaneous recording option in different codecs that support quick field production review and post production workflows. Global Shutter eliminates “Jello & Skew”, improving fast pans and actions shots. In addition, a wide range of lens adaptors – including the supplied PL mount – enables a huge selection of lenses. The camera also includes a wide range of ergonomics and accessory options, including the simple shoulder mount and viewfinders including the OLED DVF-EL 100.


In addition, the studios have a Sony HDC Camera Chain: A 2/3-inch CCD and the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with 16 bit A/D converter provides amazing picture quality with minimal noise and high dynamic range. The HDC-2400 has a camera body designed for exceptional robustness and operational efficiency. The HDC-2400 also provides more flexibility on transmission due to its side panel that can be easily replaced for HD Wireless (3rd Party) systems. The HDC-2400 is 3G and features dual-format (1080/50i and 720/50P).

To ensure unparalled motion and adaptability, intaj has turned to the XT 3 EVS.  The EVS is six channel 3D/1080p or three channel 4K configuration, the new generation of XT servers combines EVS’ world-class speed and reliability with ultimate capability and performance. XT3 integrates today’s top IT and broadcast technologies offering broadcasters and producers the best quality in the market.


Nimbra VA 210 provides robust media transport over IP networks with a predictable and steady latency, which is independent of network conditions, clock drifts and configurations used. The transport is protected by sending redundant error correction data and selective retransmission. Forward Error Correction (FEC) is a procedure that corrects for single errors as long as they are not clustered by adding a FEC overhead to the transported stream. Automatic Repeat reQuest protocol (ARQ) uses a minimum of retransmission in order to collect a proper output stream at the terminating Nimbra VA 210. Nimbra VA 210 is used for contribution and distribution of content over best effort networks, such as the Internet, for faster production set-up, due to dramatically lowered infrastructure lead-time, cost effective solution compared to leased lines or satellite links using reliable media transport providing a quality between “content acquisition” and “content distribution” depending on the available bandwidth.


twofour54 intaj is providing high quality equipment and services that are revolutionising the media industry in the region, enabling Arabs to create high quality for other Arabs. With technology like this at the region’s fingertips, we can expect Abu Dhabi to continue to emerge as one of the world’s most vibrant media hubs.

About twofour54
twofour54, the commercial arm of the Media Zone Authority-Abu Dhabi, is one of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s leading media and entertainment hubs.  As part of its mission, twofour54 is driving the development of the creative industries in the region, supporting talent and content development initiatives, creativity and young entrepreneurs.
Its initiatives are contributing to the growth and diversity of the Abu Dhabi economy and its campus is home to over 260 local, regional and international companies, including Cartoon Network, Sky News Arabia, CNN, BBC, Flash Entertainment, Sport 360, Reed Exhibitions, Charisma, Tahadi and Jawaker.
twofour54 provides a range of services including: training across all media sectors; business development and funding support to UAE nationals and other Arabs with great ideas; a creativity lab that allows members to get involved in creative projects; and it facilitates world-class content through its production and post-production facilities.  These services are supported by tawasol, facilitating easy business set-up and providing ongoing support services.
twofour54 powers the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Media Summit and TROFPEST Arabia each year to drive the development of a vibrant film and entertainment industry.