TVC Delivers Vislink Equipped DSNGs to Khabar in Kazakhstan

TVC’s SNG vehicles equipped with Vislink’s satcoms equipment

TVC, a Lithuanian systems integrator specialising in TV integration, today announced that it has delivered 12 Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) vehicles to news production company Khabar in Kazakhstan. Six more units are currently undergoing final fit-out and will be delivered to Khabar by the end of April.

The DSNG GAZ 27057 (4x4) vehicles are all fitted with Vislink’s compact and motorised Advent NewSwift CF 1.5m Ku antennas and Advent 5000 series encoders and decoders. The Newswift is used by some of the world’s major newsgathering and SNG operators including Qvest and SisLink. The reliability and robustness of the Newswift means it can be used in any situation or environment, providing broadcasters with the ability to report on the latest news and events as they unfold.

The flexibility of Vislink’s product range is particularly important in Kazakhstan where temperatures range from -30 degrees Celsius in the winter to over 35 in the summer. TVC has also used enhanced thermal insulation to ensure that the DSNGs are able to endure theses extreme hot and cold temperatures for long periods.


In addition to Vislink’s satcoms equipment, the DSNG vehicles are also equipped with Sony XDCAM camcorders and decs, Clear Com Intercom, Avcom measurement equipment, For-A HVS-XT100 vision mixer, Yamaha MG 166C audio mixer and a TVlogic monitoring solution. The DSNG vehicles are already being used to provide the latest news in Kazakhstan.

“This is a significant project for Vislink to be involved in and we are delighted with the quality of the equipment that has been delivered to date. Khabar is now able to easily report and deliver the latest news in the region from the scene as it happens,” said Mark Anderson, Vislink’s Marketing Operation Manager.


“The challenges that TVC has overcome in regards to environmental extremes have been many, but they have risen to the challenge. Thanks to these new DSNG vehicles, Khabar will now be able to report from remote and harsh environments. Vislink fully supports TVC with this deployment and look forward to work on future projects together.”

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