TV Pro Gear Flypack: Everything Old is New

In 1978 Andy Maisner ripped the stove, sink and bed out of his personal Chevy van camper to make his first video truck

The concept of a removable Flypack that can be used inside a van or removed for shooting inside a venue was pioneered by Andrew Maisner in 1978. On top of the Flypack is a top-loading 3/4" U-matic video recorder. On the side table is an Ampex 2" video recorder. The $90,000 recorder in a small package was an incredible engineering feat for that era.

However, it was very delicate and often failed. Notice the 8-input audio mixer with rotary knobs and the small video switcher next to it.

Yes, the FLYPAK has certainly evolved from a 3/4" wood-paneled unit in the back of a Chevy Van to a complete digital mobile studio capable of handling up to 8 cameras, instant replay, graphics, and live Internet streaming. All in Full HD!

2012 Sprinter/Flypack with 6-Camera Flypack inside - Flypack includes Instant Replay, Chyron, Internet Streamer


Instead of a Chevy Van, the FLYPAK now fits in the back of our custom FLYPAK Sprinter van: A complete mobile production unit capable of live Satellite Uplink with a second box to carry your cameras, headsets and the rest of the gear necessary for a complete live production.

Both the FLYPAK and FLYPAK Sprinter are available to rent for your next shoot, or TV Pro Gear can custom-build a unit to meet your specifications!

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