TSL Reorganises its Operating Divisions into Two Separate Companies 

Chris Exelby, Managing Director TSL Professional Products and David Phillips, Managing Director TSL Systems Integration

TSL has re-organised its business into two distinct entities namely, TSL (Television Systems Limited) Systems Integrator for the broadcast industry and, TSL Professional Products Ltd., leading manufacturer of audio monitoring, tally systems and power management solutions.

All operational procedures, as well as individual responsibility for profit and loss are now separately managed, thus strengthening the platform for future individual growth.

The announcement of independence follows record-breaking sales for both businesses in the FY 2011/2012. In parallel, comes the news that TSL's chairman and co-founder of both companies, David MacGregor, will take a 'back-seat' in terms of day-to-day operations and transfer to be solely Chairman of Television Systems Holdings Ltd.

For TSLProfessional Products Ltd., Martin Dyster and Terry Boon have been appointed as Directors, reporting directly to Chris Exelby, Managing Director.   

"I am incredibly proud of how TSL Systems and TSL Professional Products have developed into the independent and highly successful businesses they are today, "said MacGregor.

"The confidence I have in the newly formed management teams is immense and I'm very happy to be stepping back on a high note, with both businesses achieving record turnover in the last financial year.


TSL Professional Products Ltd. has drawn on over two decades of TSL's international systems integration experience to develop and deliver a range of top-quality products that meet the needs of today's broadcasters. It is now has an entirely independent legal structure with its own board of Directors, its own premises, its own operational procedures, as well as ISO9001 certification. Investments in R&D and Sales & Marketing have meant that this SME has expanded its product line and brand awareness rapidly over the last few years, achieving year-on-year growth.

Throughout its 26 year history and by continuously advancing its expertise through education, training and careful recruitment processes, TSL systems integrator has developed a unique skill-set and global reach that enables broadcasters to achieve their technical and commercial goals, whether in storage, IT, archive, MAM, HD, multi-channel audio or file based workflows.


Furthermore, because it has no exclusive agreements with any particular manufacturer, TSL has the freedom to use any mix of technology to achieve the results for which its customers are aiming.

The development of TSL Professional Products Ltd. - A deeper insight 
TSL Professional Products Ltd. has drawn on over two decades of TSL's international systems integration experience to develop and deliver a range of top-quality products that meet the needs of today's broadcasters.  

The business began when TSL Systems Integration couldn't source the right solution for a particular project anywhere on the market. Therefore, an in-house solution was developed and it was soon realised there was a gap in the wider market for these products. It was this unique entry into manufacturing that has led TSL Professional Products Ltd. to be where it is today.


This forward-thinking and quick reaction to broadcasters' needs has been nurtured further as the business has developed and expanded into the areas of Audio Monitoring, Tally Systems and Power Management.

With the formal announcement of its independence, TSL Professional Products Ltd. continues to listen, respond and deliver solutions to serve the broadcast industry across the globe as an established and recognised manufacturer in its own right.

TSL Systems Integration - heightened awareness 
TSL's systems integration business prides itself on retaining a heightened awareness of how the broadcast landscape changes.

Newly promoted Directors, Bruce MacGregor and David Gunn, will join David Phillips (Managing Director) in continuing to drive TSL's team of professionals to stay ahead of the game, be dynamic and guarantee optimum value to its customers.


Hundreds of broadcasters across the globe trust TSL to consult, design, integrate and implement their systems and facilities, with the confidence that schedule, budget and technical specification will be adhered to. The challenge for TSL now is to establish itself as the systems integrator of choice in new vertical and previously untouched geographical markets.