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TSL Professional Products Featuring at NAB 2011

PAM1-3G16 - PAM2-3G16 - PAM2i-C - MDU12PMi/PAi 32A - PsiMon

TSL has been at the heart of the broadcast industry for 25 years and operates two separate businesses - an international, independent broadcast systems integrator and a Professional Products Group that designs, manufactures and sells worldwide a unique range of TSL-branded products.


TSL is proud to announce the global launch of a brand new concept in Audio Signal Monitoring and Management. A member of the PAM (Precision Audio Monitor) family, PAM2i-C utilises the award-winning features of TSL’s PAM2-3G16 and adds external screen monitoring capability, IT network integration and advanced signal management functionality such as Loudness Logging, Audio Alarm reporting and 3rd party system control. PAM2i-C forms part of an integrated facility wide audio monitoring and management system collecting and collating signal data from Ingest, Master Control, QC and any other critical element of the broadcast workflow.


Also making its world debut is the PAM1-3G16. The natural evolution of the PAM1-3G8, this new addition to the PAM product family combines the size and convenience of the original 1RU multichannel audio monitoring unit with a full 16 bargraph display and many of the advanced features of the multi-award winning PAM2-3G16, such as Loudness Measurement, Preset Standard Switching and advance monitoring mode selection.



 The latest software release for PAM2-3G16 adds a number of key features including Aux Input Mixer which allows users to mix an auxiliary audio feed such as an Intercom signal into their monitoring output – ideal for use in any environment where headphones are worn during production. Also available is a Split Mono Scroll Mode and a new monitoring setup which enables operators to access monitoring functions such as Downmix, DRC, LtRt, phase swap and mono mix without the need to access any secondary menus. The new update is free to new and existing PAM2-3G16 owners.

MDU12PMi/PAi 32A

Recognising the power demands of leading edge server products TSL has introduced 32A versions of its popular intelligent power distribution units. Similar in every aspect to other members of the family in terms of alarm and monitoring functions, the units can be deployed where higher power is required.



TSL’s Intelligent Power Distribution units are deployed in broadcast facilities world-wide providing alarm monitoring and system control functions. The units can be used with any established monitoring software, however TSL has launched “PsiMon”, an SQL server-based system with a unique dashboard display that takes full advantage of the PDU’s many features. Following customer requests we have added a new “Blast” function that implements pre-configured power maps with a single button press. With many applications, a likely one will be to manage energy consumption during out-of-hours working when the facility is not operational.