TSL ensures audio quality for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

PAM1-3G8 professional audio monitors

With only days to go until the world's most widely viewed sporting event gets underway, companies are standardising on TSL professional audio products to ensure the optimum audio experience.
Host Broadcast Services production facilities for the coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ will be equipped with PAM1-3G8 professional audio monitors. Also Alfacam's 8 HD OBVans in use to produce the unilateral signals for ARD/ZDF and TV Asahi are equipped with PAM1-3G8 units and four SABC HD OBVans are furnished with a generous supply of AMU2-8HD, MPA and AMU1 units.

According to Alfacam Head of Audio Engineering Jean-Philippe Ovaert, “The PAM1-3G8 met all of our technical requirements and more. We wanted audio monitoring technology that would include Dolby decoding and measurement as well as metadata control. The PAM1-3G8 also provides the ability to actually see the signals that are being measured, which is extremely helpful when you have a lot of signals to control. Its high resolution, high visibility displays of bar graph and metadata values and convenient preset buttons are significant advantages in fast-paced environments.”

The PAM1-3G8 is the first rack mount monitoring unit to feature the flexibility of OLED displays for data and metering. TSL’s Precision Audio Monitor range includes dual 3Ghz HD/SDI video inputs, Dolby D/E decoding plus a range of highly advanced features and is particularly well suited to the demands of an OB vehicle.

With 15 user configurable and instant recall monitoring presets, multiple signal format handling, user selectable bar graph characteristics, unrivalled sound quality and video confidence monitoring, PAM1-3G8 alleviates the pressures of audio monitoring for outside broadcasts.

TSL Audio Applications Manager Martin Dyster said, “With multiple professional awards, rapidly escalating sales, and broad acceptance throughout the world, our Precision Audio Monitoring range is now established as the standard by which all others are measured.”