Trilogy Signals GPS Upgrade Option for Mentor XL


Trilogy, a world class supplier of voice communications technologies for the broadcast, industrial and commercial sectors, has released a new GPS option board for its class-leading master reference generator, Mentor XL.

This new development provides far better accuracy and enables Mentor XL to operate with traditional active GPS antennas whilst also being optimised to work with the latest developments in “smart antennas” from manufacturers like Trimble.

By supporting state-of-the-art GPS products, where antennas and receivers are co-located, the new optional GPS board further extends Mentor XL’s ability to maintain extremely stable and robust reference for the most challenging of installations.


Another significant advantage of the new GPS option is its flexibility. By being able to work with traditional active antennas, new smart antennas, or in situations where signals are received indirectly as part of a much larger site-wide system, Mentor XL now offers the level of supreme flexibility sought after by users in any SPG/TSG application.

About Trilogy Communications
Trilogy has supplied audio communications equipment to customers in more than seventy countries since 1986. The company was originally formed to design and build video and audio infrastructure equipment for the television and radio broadcast market. It continues to serve this market but now also offers its products to a wide array of customers in defence, emergency management and training and simulation, oil and gas, gaming, and other industries.

Trilogy counts some of the world's best known names among its customer base. These include BBC, ITV, CBS, ABC, Fox TV, France Television, Arqiva, Star TV, Times TV, Qatar TV, Al Jazeera Sports and many others.