Trilogy’s Messenger Accepts the University Challenge


Trilogy, a leading supplier of voice communications technologies for the broadcast, industrial and commercial sectors, has announced the installation of its new Messenger intercom system by Southampton Solent University for use in its flagship OB vehicle.

Messenger is an entry-level, yet powerful matrix-based intercom that removes the constraints of low-end, two-wire party line systems and resolves the prohibitive costs and complexities of high-end broadcast communication systems. The Messenger package is easy to install, simple to use and is equally at home in small scale, simple installations or highly demanding multi-studio applications.

Outside Broadcasting at Southampton Solent University is part of the university’s Entertainment Technology group within its Maritime and Technology faculty. The university’s education and training programme is centred on its recently refurbished, fully equipped, 7.5 tonne OB vehicle that includes Messenger, a 64-channel audio mixer and multi-camera HD video capabilities.   Also installed in the truck is Mentor XL, Trilogy’s fully featured master reference generator which features innovative architecture that avoids the need for numerous option boards or factory upgrades by allowing most optional features to be activated in software via an IP connection.

The university’s truck is available for hire by both internal and external clients. BBC South, for example, makes regular use of the vehicle for regional programming requirements and students are frequently used as supplemental crew to give them valuable work experience in a professional environment.

Sean Lancastle, senior lecturer, Media Technology, at Southampton Solent University said, “Having had extremely positive experiences with Trilogy products over a number of years we chose Trilogy’s new Messenger intercom as it offered the university a cost effective investment with a great blend of features, functionality and ease of use.”


The standard Messenger intercom system includes an eight-port matrix running from a single power supply, with pre-stored configuration parameters and two operator panels. The matrix can easily be expanded with the addition of up to two, eight-channel expansion boards to create a 24-port capacity. The base system can be expanded with a flexible range of matrix, panel, interface and software options that can be configured to meet current needs while retaining adaptability for future requirements.

Trilogy’s Director of Business Development, Mark Ellis said, “This installation by Southampton Solent University hits the mark in terms of Messenger’s designed intent, to offer a system that has the familiarity and performance of high-end systems, but with the functionality that is right for the requirements of the user. The use of Messenger by professionals and trainees alike ensures that they are both speaking the same language as they progress in their respective careers.”