tividoo mobile connectivity & broadcast innovations


A small car, equipped with IP Bonding solutions through Satellite and cellular networks. In case of large events or a huge congregation of people, data transmission through cellular networks is more and more complicated, because of the high amount of people using smartphone and other mobile devices at the same time. tividoo is offering a small car with bonded cellular and satellite networks – a fast and highly available encrypted internet „on wheels“ solution.

Internet on Wheels, IP News Gathering
A professional, flexible and cost-efficient alternative to conventional satellite and cellular connections, briefly bookable and available for short and long time transmissions.

Actually up to 10 Mbit/s Uplink Capacitiy through Eutelsat's Newsspotter® System and available cellular networks are available all over europe, the car is ready for transmission in less than 3 minutes and is able to transmit over cellular networks on the run.


Fields of application: Exhibitions, Conventions, Events, Concerts, Promotion, Filmsets, News Gathering, Presentations, TV-/Radio Live Transmission, Corporate TV, File Transfer, Mobile Cash, Security, Fallback-Solutions ...

tividoo is sales and service partner for the following manufacturers for the german speaking region:

Viprinet Europe GmbH
Multichannel VPN Router, WAN IP-Bonding with highest security and efficiency, f.e. the mobile Multichannel VPN Router 500 to be used in vehicles, trains and more.

LGZ Broadcasting Tech
Instant Replay, Slowmotion and Recording solutions, f.e. the LGZ USB Recorder, just record HD video sequencesfor your customers at 8 USB sticks or disks from a HD-SDI source.


Dawson Dynamic Ltd.
Autopointing Satellite-Antennas for Ka- andKu-Band, f.e. Dawson GCZero70 Ka, a fast autopointing Ka-Sat Antenna, certified for Eutelsat's KA-SAT and Newspotter® service.

Multicam Systems
Innovative Touchscreen-systems for livebroadcasting, f.e. The Multicam Studio HD, an easy to use touchscreen-controllable video mixer system for up to 4 cameras, as well as remote cameras.

tividoo is exhibiting at the CeBIT 2013 in Hanover: tividoo presents the “Internet on wheels“-vehicle in cooperation with Viprinet Europe GmbH at Europes biggest IT Exhibition, the CeBIT from March 05. – 09. 2013 in Hanover/Germany. Visit tividoo at Stand K 08 at the outdoor exhibition area and Viprinet in Hall 13, Stand D27.

Tividoo is showing at the CeBIT all the possible applications of this small and flexible transmission vehicle, which could be used as a mobile internet Hotspot as well as a IP-SNG for Video and audio streaming, equipped with the mobile multichannel VPN Router 500 from Viprinet and the autopointing Ka-Band Antenn a from Dawson Dynamic.