Telex launches IP-224 Ethernet Adapter Panel

IP-224 - the next generation of Telex radio dispatch technology

Telex is pleased to announce the global launch of the IP-224, the next generation of Ethernet adapter panel to form the heart of the Telex dispatch system. This addition to its dispatch line will ensure Telex remains the industry’s most reliable, scalable, and flexible family of products for coordinating critical communications.

Like the successful IP-223, the IP-224 allows the interfacing of multiple radios, satellite and cellular devices, intercoms, mass notification systems, and existing dispatch consoles and security equipment. The optional C-Soft software platform allows users to get the most out of the IP-224, enabling complete, customized, cross-platform ROIP/VOIP (Radio over IP/ Voice over IP) communications connectivity and control from a single position, all via Ethernet.

The IP-224’s sleek new design combines compact form with comprehensive functionality, allowing easy installation, operation, and servicing. The unit may be rack-mounted or placed directly on a desktop, and is equipped with an LCD display to clearly provide user feedback when programming. VU meters are also provided via the display for alignment purposes. All other configurations are completed in the web browser configuration windows. The IP-224 performs a wide variety of other tasks related to using radios on a digital network, including state-of-the-art system diagnostics, and integrates seamlessly with Telex’s full range of peripheral dispatch equipment.


·    Linux-based operating system
·    PTT (Push-To-Talk), Monitor, and F1 and F2 relays (programmable to any function tone or revert to F1)
·    Nine selectable PTT frequencies
·    Eight digital outputs for channel selection, completely programmable per function tone
·    CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) generation (64 frequencies)
·    Software gain control

·    Local handset port for monitoring activity and transmission back to base or to radio
·    Single-function tone recognition (16 function tones)
·    AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
·    RX (Receive) audio squelch
·    ANI (Automatic Number Identification) over-the-air-protocol decode and display
·    E.F. Johnson*1 RS5300 P25 radio interface
·    MDC and FleetSync encode/decode
·    Kenwood radio interface
·    SOIP (Serial-over-Internet Protocol)
·    Interface for MOTOTRBO
·    Supports USB, RS485, CAN-bus, RS232, and TTL


·    Backwards compatible with Telex Radio Dispatch equipment
·    Secure remote web browser-based programming and configuration
·    Single- or dual-function tone generation
·    Menu-driven front panel controls for TX, RX, spare audio, and CTCSS
·    Guard tone user-selectable for 2100 Hz, 2175 Hz, 2300 Hz, 2325 Hz, 2400 Hz, 2600 Hz, 2800 Hz, 2850 Hz, or 2900 Hz