Telex industry-standard aviation headsets just got even better

Telex industry-standard aviation headsets just got even better

New Airman headset models debuting

  • Telex introduces its Airman 7 and Airman 8 models, the next generation of its industry-standard Airman 750 and Airman 850 headsets
  • Significantly increased durability and improved comfort

Over the past 50 years, Telex has gained a leading position in the aviation market with headsets that have become industry standards, trusted by commercial and general aviation pilots alike. Today, Telex is pleased to introduce the new Airman 7 and Airman 8 headsets. These next-generation models build on the success of the best-selling Airman 750 and Airman 850. They are extremely lightweight and offer users not only a highly reliable and compliant communication tool manufactured by one of the acclaimed pioneers in audio technology, but also increased durability and improved comfort.

New design and materials provide increased durability

The new headsets offer a range of enhancements to increase durability. A new microphone boom design provides stronger rotation stops and the headband to glider joint has been made more robust. The rotator pins of the headsets have also been upgraded with heavy-duty stainless steel improving the feel of the ear cup’s rotation. Furthermore, a pre-coiled overhead cord has been added to reduce the strain on the cord and prevent it from catching on other objects or touching the skin.


Improved comfort features

An added yoke provides enhanced comfort by allowing ear cup movement in all directions. This reduces pressure points by distributing and balancing pressure over the entire ear. A soft headband pad and newly designed clothing clip further improve wearing comfort. Both new models come with modified ear cup screens, which can be replaced after use for added hygiene. In addition, replaceable ear cup covers and leatherette ear cushions have been added (leatherette ear cushions are standard on the Airman 8 and optional on the Airman 7). An acoustic limiter protects users against sudden increases in sound levels.


The new Airman 8 headset is the lightest within its class and features enhanced ANR (Active Noise Reduction) with even more noise reduction, helping to improve intelligibility and reduce pilot fatigue. The position of the ANR switch has also moved to the forward-facing ear cup side, making it easier to reach the switch without having to remove the headset. Like its predecessor, a unique feature of the Airman 8 is that it is powered from its microphone system, eliminating the need for batteries or special connectors.

The Telex Airman 7 and 8 headsets meet the highest current standards in commercial aviation and meet all technical requirements as defined by Airbus and Boeing. All standards defined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are fulfilled, both headset models fully comply with ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated) requirements.

Telex Airman 7 and Airman 8 headsets are available worldwide since September 2017.