Teletest's Portable HD LCD Receiver


Teletest have launched the Telesend HD LCD receiver, the world's first portable broadcast LCD monitor with an internal HD receiver.

Designed for director's wireless confidence monitoring, the Telesend system can also be used for wireless focus pulling, wireless TV presenter prompting and for live broadcast links.

There is a choice of zero delay HD-SDI and HDMI transmitters for shoulder or Steadicam mounted broadcast cameras and any DSLR rig. The Telesends can be fitted with any combination of battery adapters.


Teletest's MD Nick Rose says,
"We found that that director's wanted a compact and lightweight HD LCD receiver that ran all day from a single broadcast battery."
"We also found that cameramen wanted to give their directors a high brightness, simple to operate HD wireless system which used a more rugged transmission system than currently available."
"Whilst distances of 70m are achievable line of sight and 30m through wooden floors, the Telesends provide guaranteed rock solid, broadcast quality HD signals around the 20-40m range."


The Telesends use licence exempt 5GHz frequencies with MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out), OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing) and DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) systems.
The Telesends automatically tune themselves when switched on and up to four pairs of transmitters and receivers can be used in the same area at the same time.

The HD LCD receiver comes with a choice of with HDMI and HD-SDI inputs and outputs and there is even a two channel LCD receiver, perfect for multi camera shoots.