Tektronix @ NAB 2012 Booth N1023

Tektronix New Product Highlights to Solve Digital Video Delivery & Quality Challenges

Tektronix, Inc., the market leader in broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions, announced the company will feature an extensive range of new and enhanced products and solutions at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2012 Conference, April 14th – 19th in booth N1023.

Tektronix is realising content quality from production to the home. Visit our booth to see the latest advances in:
•    Rasterizers optimized for color grading
•    File-Based Video QC
•    Video Network Monitoring

New WFM7200 Waveform Monitor and WVR7200 Rasterizer Provide Content Quality Verification and Precision Adjustments While Achieving Artistic Excellence


The growth of HD television and digital cinema drive content producers to use higher resolution video formats in original production and post-production (digital masters) due to the increase in viewers’ expectations of content quality. The Tektronix WFM7200 waveform monitor and WVR7200 rasterizer help content providers verify the quality of video content and make precision adjustments that reduce the potential for gamut errors during the editing and format conversion process, effectively preventing client dissatisfaction and the need for costly rework. Advanced color gamut monitoring including Tektronix patented Luma Qualified Vector (LQV) and Spearhead gamut displays which, when work in conjunction with Diamond gamut display, provide the most comprehensive color gamut monitoring tool for precise color gamut adjustments. Both the WFM7200 and the WVR7200 support an extensive list of Dual Link signal formats as standard capability and have field upgradeable options to add support for high frame rate (1080P 50/60) formats and 3D formats

Cerify Version 7.4 Keeps Pace with the File-based Workflow Evolution


Cerify automates the QC of file-based video and audio, and now includes a series of new enhancements in the version 7.4 software release. Significant speed improvements now enable Cerify to test content at many times faster than real-time. A growing list of supported codecs/wrappers enable Cerify to start processing files as they are being ingested, resulting in an improved workflow efficiency. Keeping pace with emerging new mezzanine standards, Cerify now supports testing of DNxHD and JPEG2000 mezzanine formats. The addition of Teletext and DVB subtitle support ensures both standards and regulatory compliance.

New Fully Featured WFM2200 Portable Waveform Monitors Helps Engineers in the Field

Intuitive to operate, the WFM2200 makes it easy for technicians to quickly and efficiently find, diagnose and fix signal or content quality problems in the field.  This portable HD, SD and 3G-SDI capable waveform monitor features a large, bright LED back-lit display, and a replaceable and rechargeable battery which eliminates down time. It’s sharp “CRT-like” display helps broadcast engineers and technicians quickly identify signal issues and recognize problems within the video and audio signals. It also pairs signal generation with waveform analysis, making it ideal for verifying link performance between two broadcast facility devices.  The WFM2200 displays the external reference as an analog signal to check the quality of the video sync pulse signal, and the Tektronix patented timing display helps to ensure facility system timing. The WFM2200 also offers support for ANC Data and SDI data monitoring, including subtitle decoding, active format description detection and decoding, and VANC (vertical ancillary) data testing capabilities.


New Generation TG8000 SD/HD/3G-SDI Video Generator for Comprehensive Test & Evaluation

The new TG8000 Signal Generator offers robust, comprehensive SD/HD and 3G-SDI signal generation for design and evaluation of professional video equipment such as routers, servers, encoders and transcoders. The new SDI7 module provides support for a wide variety of formats and standards (including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI) in a single module, which provides greater flexibility in generating a range of test patterns. SD/HD/3G-SDI generation with EMB audio and ANC Data provide the test density required for testing in manufacturing and installation in broadcast operations. The circle, multi-language text, and color logo overlays can be applied to the generated test signals to check aspect ratio, identify streams or apply station logos. A deep test signal library includes a moving zone plate test signal, critical when testing codecs.

Service Providers
New MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer for IP Video Quality and 10G Network Monitoring


The new MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer is ideal for the analysis and troubleshooting of audio/video and transport problems in 1G and 10G IP networks for fault isolation and root cause analysis.  Targeting a range of design, validation and test, field diagnostics and troubleshooting applications, the new MTS4000 offers unparalleled analysis capabilities for examining the video and audio quality of IP, ASI and RF transported video services. The low base price and modular nature of the MTS4000 ensures a wide range of connectivity and software analysis options so customers can customize it to meet all their application needs and budget requirements. Network interface options include full line rate 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, DVB-S2 and a Quad port ASI interface. Cross-layer and cross-domain analysis of the video and audio quality is possible through an extensive software suite that includes real-time video and audio quality of experience (QoE) analysis, picture quality analysis (based on the human vision model), and advanced Elementary Stream analysis including H.264/AVC intra profile and SVC support.

Upgraded Sentry provides H.264 Perceptual Video Quality (PVQ) metrics and thumbnail support for unparalleled depth in Advanced QoE monitoring

Building on its industry-leading MPEG-2 monitoring capabilities, Sentry has been recently upgraded to enable service providers to monitor H.264 streams with its advanced Perceptual Video Quality (PVQ) feature.  PVQ, also known as eMOS (effective mean opinion score), detects artifacts related to over-compression, such as blockiness, scores how much the artifacts impact viewers' Quality of Experience.  For content destined for OTT and ABR streaming applications, it enables QoE and PVQ checks at ingest as well as pre and post transcode (pre-fragmentation). Support for thumbnail display has been added to many of Sentry’s reports, allowing users to validate program content.