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TC-Helicon’s VoiceLive Touch now shipping

VoiceLive Touch is the first vocal processor to feature an ingenuously integrated mic stand mount and interface

TC-Helicon’s VoiceLive Touch is now shipping to stores worldwide. VoiceLive Touch is the ‘go anywhere’ vocal processor that delivers the premium quality vocal effects that TC–Helicon have become synonymous with, but adds VLOOP™ to the mix – an incredible performance vocal looper.

This vocal processing power sits behind one of the most innovative user interfaces ever created. And thanks to the ingenuously integrated mic stand mount, VoiceLive Touch is also the first vocal processor to sit precisely where it’s needed for total hands-on control – actually on the mic stand.

TH-Helicon's VoiceLiveTouch is available now for $695 US MSRP . For more information on VoiceLive Touch go to



What is VoiceLive Touch?

VoiceLive Touch is a brand new vocal effects and performance product. With the same award-winning effects as VoiceLive 2, it already ticks all the right boxes, but it’s also the addictively simple interface and design and VLOOP™ performance vocal looper that sets VoiceLive Touch apart from anything else out there.

Interface and design

With VoiceLive Touch’s innovative ‘touch’ interface sounds can be changed in an instant with a tap or swipe of the smooth surface preset slider – in fact nothing could be simpler to use. Search by genre through hundreds of sounds or assemble a whole song with your voice by creating loops. It’s Touch by name and touch by nature as VoiceLive Touch soon becomes an addictive and creative instrument in its own right – vocalists will simply not be able to keep their hands off it!



With VLOOP™ VoiceLive Touch is the easiest looper for both singers and guitarists, putting the controls at their fingertips or on the floor with the optional Switch-3 footswitch. Get rapid access to common loop features such as overdub, undo, and multiply. Tap into the performance looping modes and you can create up to 25 separate loops with instant undo/redo, single shot mode and more. It’s amazing what 30 seconds of stereo looping with effects can do to get your creativity onto the stage.

VoiceLive Touch uses the same effects engine as the best-selling VoiceLive 2 so it contains every conceivable effect a vocalist could wish for – and many more besides. Want to recreate that famous effect from a favorite song? No problem. Users can quickly store their custom sounds in one of the 25 easily accessible ‘favorite’ slots for easy recall. VoiceLive Touch also has the same ‘intelligent’ features found on VoiceLive 2, like Adaptive Tone and NaturalPlay Harmony that simply let you get on with the business of making great music.

VoiceLive Touch really is the first vocal effects unit designed for every singer. They can easily mount VoiceLive Touch on their mic stands, while keyboard vocalists can mount it next to their keyboards. Guitarists can add the optional Switch-3 for combined foot pedal and touch control, and computer musicians can place it on their desktops. Basically, wherever you use your voice, VoiceLive Touch is designed to be ready for you.


• VLOOP™ performance vocal looping
• Includes effects made famous by VoiceLive 2 including HardTune, µMod, tap delay, reverb, harmony, doubling, and transducer.
• Instant touch interface with bright, easy to read, scrolling display
• Global Tone feature tailors adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess to your voice
• 8 voices of NaturalPlay harmonies controlled by guitar, MIDI, or USB/Aux input
• Voicing buttons offer instant harmony arranging
• Ingenious design allows mic attachment and desktop use for easy access
• Talk button bypasses all effects so you talk with the audience
• 25 Favorites allow you to store and recall your customized effects quicklyConnections to almost everything
• Aux input for your mp3 player
• MIDI in to control harmony
• 3-button footswitch input for extra control
• Studio quality mic input
• Headphone output with level control
• Guitar in and thru
• USB for audio I/O and connection to VoiceSupport for preset management, tips & tricks, and software updates