TC Group Prepares Broadcast & Production Management for More Growth

Both Thomas Valter and Thomas Lund are well-known faces at TC Electronic

Up until recently, Thomas Lund has held the position of HD Development Manager and Thomas Valter has been HD Business Manager at TC Electronic,  which is an individual in the TC Group of companies.

Looking forward, Thomas Valter will be able to focus entirely on developing business strategies for the broadcast and production segment in his new role as VP of Business Management, Broadcast & Production. This change honors the TC Group strategy of business lead through a focus on specific customer markets. Broadcast & Production will be represented as a key pillar of TC Group to continued growth.

TC Electronic is already widely represented at cutting-edge broadcast stations such as CCTV in China, Turner, CBS and Fox in the US, WDR and NDR in Germany, DR and TV2 in Denmark, and TV Globo in Brazil. Thomas Valter will continue to develop business strategies internally as well as with external business partners, including suppliers, sub-suppliers and co-op partners such as Adobe and RTW to make sure that the needs of demanding broadcast and production customers will be met in an ever-changing and technology-driven environment.


"The Broadcast & Production segment has been a key part of TC Electronic's business for decades, and I am excited to get the chance to help it grow even further in the years to come," said Thomas Valter.

Thomas Lund will be TC Electronic’s CTO for Broadcast & Production. While he will remain a key figure in the development department, he will also increase his position as one of the world’s leading experts on audio loudness even further.

Lund was among the first to document the sonic consequences of the ‘loudness wars’ in music production, and for more than a decade, he has presented papers on loudness and true-peak level at relevant audio conferences around the globe, e.g. AES, InterBEE, NAB, Tonmeistertagung, and SET. This has influenced how broadcast standards have emerged and evolved away from proprietary technology and towards the transparent and facts-based solutions we have today. Research, standards and conferences will be a major part of Thomas Lund’s responsibilities in his new role.


"I've never regretted leaving academia for a company with such vast resources in software, hardware, research and spirit as TC Electronic, but I do look forward to spending a little less time with Excel and more on audio again," said Thomas Lund.

About TC Group
TC Group is the corporate parent of a collective of leading sound & audio technology brands, each with their own individual expertise and market share across Musician, Broadcast & Production, Install & Tour. At the heart of TC Group are its people, each with a collective instinct to exchange ideas and share an intense passion for sound. To us, close collaboration is second nature. Our brands represent the heritage of countless years of dreaming, playing, sweating, sharing – creating products that sound simply better.
With operations spanning 4 continents, TC Group is a global leader in producing innovative consumer and professional sound products, drawing on the rich expertise of its brand companies, which include Tannoy, TC Electronic, TC-Helicon, Lab.gruppen, Lake, TC Applied Technologies and White Acoustics.