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TC Electronic announces System 6000 MKII

System 6000 MKII

TC’s ultimate reverb and signal processor redefines what it means to be an industry standard. Now with System 6000 MKII the best is about to get even better…

The original System 6000 launched to critical acclaim in 2000, and in less than a decade has established itself as the industry standard for stereo and multi-channel reverb and signal processing. The software and processing capabilities have evolved greatly since then, enabling System 6000 users a wealth of creative possibilities and additional features along the way.

With System 6000 MKII, a classic is retooled to meet modern challenges and guarantee it will remain the de facto industry standard for the next 10 years, all while maintaining the legendary sound quality of the original systems. System 6000 MKII with ICON control is in a league of its own. We were able to import all algorithms, maintain the highest resolution, the lowest jitter, and bring entirely new features and tools to the creative process.

New System 6000 MKII

New network and wi-fi savvy platform
Includes all algorithms from original System 6000
Reads presets from original System 6000
ITU BS.1770, ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 compliant metering
New Matrix 88 mixer for ultimate precision summing
Opens the door for new and even more powerful algorithms
Stronger chassis with a new stylish look.


New Icon MKII

Faster response of touch screen and faders
More connectivity: Dual Ethernet and dual USB
Controls System 6000 and System 6000 MKII
Controls Reverb 4000Controls DB2, DB4 and DB8
New stylish look

The System 6000 MKII will be available through our professional TC distribution channels.

An exciting upgrade program will be available to all registered owners of existing System 6000,